äärimmäinen englanniksi   abysmal fi, extreme fi, outré fi, consummate fi, intense fi, utter fi, drastic fi, far fi


*: Geology gives one the same abysmal extent of time that astronomy does of space. defdate|First attested in the early 19th century.R:SOED5|page=11

: ux|en|At the extreme edges, the coating is very thin.

: ux|en|He has an extreme aversion to needles, and avoids visiting the doctor.

: ux|en|His extreme love of model trains showed in the rails that criscrossed his entire home.

: ux|en|I think the new laws are extreme, but many believe them necessary for national security.

: ux|en|Television has begun to reflect the growing popularity of extreme sports such as bungee jumping and skateboarding.

: the extreme hour of life

: ux|en|extremes of temperature

*: In the empty and extreme cold theatre.

*: To begin with, King Lear is the most unconventional, the most nearly hysterical, the most outré and outrageous play Shakespeare ever wrote.

*: A man of perfect and consummate virtue.

*: Belinda Bellonia Bunting//Behaved like a consummate loon

*: ... Marmaduke, who had the consummate impudence to reply that ...

*: The consummate leader cultivates the moral law, ... ; thus it is in his power to control success.

: After the reception, he escorted her to the [[honeymoon]] suite to consummate their marriage.

*: ... in the essay which he made the very first night to serve her so as to consummate the marriage he made a false move, ...

: ux|en|intense study;  intense thought

*: By him a shirt and utter mantle laid.

*: As doth an hidden moth / The inner garment fret, not th utter touch.

*: Through utter and through middle darkness borne.

*: Wo be to you scrybes and pharises ypocrites, for ye make clene the utter side off the cuppe, and off the platter: but within they are full of brybery and excesse.

*: So forth without impediment I past, / Till to the Bridges utter gate I came ....

: utter ruin; utter darkness

*: They ... are utter strangers to all those anxious thoughts which disquiet mankind.

:* quote-book|year=1920|year_published=2008|edition=HTML|editor=|author=Edgar Rice Burroughs|title=Thuvia, Maiden of Mars|chapter=|url=http://www.gutenberg.org/files/72/72-h/72-h.htm|genre=|publisher=The Gutenberg Project|isbn=|page=|passage=His eyes could not penetrate the darkness even to the distinguishing of his hand before his face, while the banths, he knew, could see quite well, though absence of light were utter.

: Dont you utter another word!

: Sally uttered a sigh of relief.

: The dog uttered a growling bark.

: Sally is uttering some fairly strange things in her illness.

: Sallys car uttered a hideous shriek when she applied the brakes.

*: So whan he com nyghe to hir, she bade hym ryde uttir—‘for thou smellyst all of the kychyn.’[[Category:en:Talking]]----

: ux|en|If our third attempt fails, we may need drastic ideas.

: ux|en|He went to a far country.

: ux|en|It was a far adventure, full of danger.

: ux|en|He moved to the far end of the state. She remained at this end.

: ux|en|We are on the far right on this issue.

*: He was far from ill looking, though he thought himself still farther.

: ux|en|far heap;  far memory; far pointer

: ux|en|My house is quite far from the beach.  nowrap|The plan is good, but it is far from being flawless.

*: It was not far from the house; but the ground sank into a depression there, and the ridge of it behind shut out everything except just the roof of the tallest hayrick. As one sat on the sward behind the elm, with the back turned on the rick and nothing in front but the tall elms and the oaks in the other hedge, it was quite easy to fancy it the verge of the prairie with the backwoods close by.

: ux|en|You have all come far and you will go farther.

: ux|en|He was far richer than wed thought.

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