ärtymys englanniksi   annoy, vexation


*: Say, what can more our tortured souls annoy / Than to behold, admire, and lose our joy?

: ux|en|Marc loved his sister, but when she annoyed him he wanted to switch her off.

: to annoy an army by impeding its march, or by a cannonade

*: tapers put into lanterns or sconces of several-coloured, oiled paper, that the wind might not annoy them

*: I merveyle me wonder faste / How ony man may lyve or laste / In such peyne and such brennyng, / [...] In such annoy contynuely.

*: We that suffer long annoy / Are contented with a thought / Through an idle fancy wrought: / O let my joys have some abiding!

*: if she says he was defeated, why he had better a great deal have been defeated, than give her a moments annoy.

*: Sleepe in Peace, and wake in Ioy, / Good Angels guard thee from the Boares annoy [...].

*: The home far and away, the distance where lives joy, / The cure, at once and ever, of world and worlds annoy [...].

*: He gave the doctor a look of vexation. He was surprised to see him, and resented the intrusion.

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