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: ux|en|I stretched the rubber band until it almost broke.

: ux|en|The rubber band stretched almost to the breaking point.

*: The inner membrane ... because it would stretch and yield, remained unbroken.

: ux|en|First, stretch the skin over the frame of the drum.

: ux|en|I managed to stretch my coffee supply a few more days.

: ux|en|To say crossing the street was brave is stretching the meaning of "brave" considerably.

: ux|en|The beach stretches from Cresswell to Amble.

: ux|en|Cats stretch with equal ease and agility beyond the point that breaks a man on the rack.

: ux|en|I always stretch my muscles before exercising.

: ux|en|His mustache stretched all the way to his sideburns.

: a man apt to stretch in his report of facts

: The ship stretched to the eastward.

: rfquotek|Ham. Nav. Encyc

: I was right in the middle of a stretch when the phone rang.

: To say crossing the street was brave was quite a stretch.

: That rubber band has quite a bit of stretch.

: Its a bit of a stretch to call Boris Karloff a comedian.

: It was an easy trip except for the last stretch, which took forever.

: Its a tough stretch of road in the winter, especially without chains.

: a stretch of cloth

: He did a 7-year stretch in jail.

*: After the harvest there was a stretch of clear dry weather, and the animals toiled harder than ever ...

*: “Hey, Stretch,” he shouted at a tall, spectacled co-worker, “turn the fucking station, will you? You know I cant stand Rush, and its all they play on this one. If I hear those assholes whine Tom Sawyer one more time, I may go on a fucking killing spree.

: There is a grand stretch in the evenings.

: ux|en|He spread his newspaper on the table.

: ux|en|I spread my arms wide and welcomed him home.

: ux|en|I spread the rice grains evenly over the floor.

: ux|en|The missionaries quickly spread their new message across the country.

: ux|en|I dropped my glass; the water spread quickly over the tiled floor.

: ux|en|She liked to spread butter on her toast while it was still hot.

: ux|en|He always spreads his toast with peanut butter and strawberry jam.

: to spread a table

*: Boiled the flesh, and spread the board.

*: This often sounds like the rap of a demented DJ: the way she moves has got to be good news, cant get loose till I feel the juice— suck and spread, bitch, yeah bounce for me baby.

*: Yes I wore a slinky red thing. Does that mean I should spread for you, your friends, your father, Mr Ed?

*: I dont want to move too fast, but / Cant resist your sexy ass / Just spread, spread for me; / (I cant, I cant wait to get you home)

*: No flower hath spread like that of the woodbine.

*: I have got a fine spread of improvable land.

*: - Can’t wait till I get my own spread and won’t have to put up with Joe Aguirre’s crap no more.
- I’m savin’ for a place myself.

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