étudier englanniksi   contemplate fr, study fr, learn fr, read fr, investigate fr


*: To love, at least contemplate and admire, / What I see excellent.

*: We thus dilate / Our spirits to the size of that they contemplate.

*: There remain some particulars to complete the information contemplated by those resolutions.

*: If a treaty contains any stipulations which contemplate a state of future war.

: ux|en|I contemplated doing the project myself, but it would have taken too long.

: Students are expected to start studying for final exams in March.

: I need to study my biology notes.

: I study medicine at the university.

: Biologists study living things.

: He studied the map in preparation for the hike.

*: I found a moral first, and then studied for a fable.

*: And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business, and to work with your own hands, as we commanded you ...

*: wel said the kynge thow mayst take myn hors by force but and I my?te preue the whether thow were better on horsbak or I / wel said the knyght seke me here whan thow wolt and here nygh this wel thow shalt fynde me / and soo passyd on his weye / thenne the kyng sat in a study and bad his men fetche his hors as faste as euer they myghte

: ux|en|My study was to avoid disturbing her.

*: Just men they seemed, and all their study bent / To worship God aright, and know his works.

: ux|en|The study of languages is fascinating.

*: During the whole time of his abode in the university he generally spent thirteen hours of the day in study; by which assiduity besides an exact dispatch of the whole course of philosophy, he read over in a manner all classic authors that are extant...

*: Study gives strength to the mind; conversation, grace: the first apt to give stiffness, the other suppleness: one gives substance and form to the statue, the other polishes it.

: ux|en|I made a careful study of his sister.

*: The Holy Scriptures, especially the New Testament, are her daily study.

*: The proper study of mankind is man.

: ux|en|Father spends all his time in the study poring over manuscripts.

*: his cheery little study

: ux|en|a study of heads or of hands for a figure picture

*: For, as he took delight to introduce me, I took delight to learn.

: learn from ones mistakes

: He just learned that he will be sacked.

*: And whan she had serched hym / she fond in the bottome of his wound that therin was poyson / And soo she heled hym.../ and therfore Tramtrist cast grete loue to la beale Isoud / for she was at that tyme the fairest mayde and lady of the worlde / And there Tramtryst lerned her to harpe / and she beganne to haue grete fantasye vnto hym

*: Sweet prince, you learn me noble thankfulness.

*: Have I not been / Thy pupil long? Hast thou not learn’d me how / To make perfumes?

*: Thatll learn him to bust my tomater.

*: But now, faire Ladie, comfort to you make, / And read.../ That short reuenge the man may ouertake […].

: ux|en|have you read this book?;  he doesn’t like to read

*: During the whole time of his abode in the university he generally spent thirteen hours of the day in study; by which assiduity besides an exact dispatch of the whole course of philosophy, he read over in a manner all classic authors that are extant...

: ux|en|He read us a passage from his new book.

: ux|en|All right, class, who wants to read next?

: ux|en|She read my mind and promptly rose to get me a glass of water.

: ux|en|I can read his feelings in his face.

: ux|en|On the door hung a sign that reads "No admittance".

: The passage reads differently in the earlier manuscripts.

: ux|en|Arabic reads right to left.

: That sentence reads strangely.

*: In [[w:Ab Urbe Condita (book)|Livy]], it is nearly certain that for Pylleon we should read Pteleon, as this place is mentioned in connection with Antron.

*: Eliminate illogical (read: stupid) answer choices.

: ux|en|Do you read me?

: ux|en|I am reading theology at university.

: to read a hard disk; to read a port; to read the keyboard

*: Therefore, I read thee, get to Gods word, and thereby try all doctrine.

*: But read how art thou named, and of what kin.

: ux|en|Every time I go outside, I worry that someone will read me.

*: Snapping, we are told, comes from reading, or exposing hidden flaws in a persons life, and out of reading comes shade ....

*: CB [a black gay person being quoted]: "So, one time I read him and we were standing downstairs at the front desk in the dorm and I read him and there was this little bell ...." In the first example, the interviewee [CB] used snapping to read his white friend in a playful way, ....

*: [One] assumes that such language contests are racially motivated—black folks talking back to white folks. However, the ball world makes it clear that blacks can read each other too.

*: One newswoman here lets magazines for a penny a read.

*: And when he finishes supper / Planning to have a read at the evening paper / Its Put a screw in this wall — / He has no time at all...

*: In other words, the system can do 1200 reads per second with no writes, the average write is twice as slow as the average read, and the relationship is linear.

*: [As] Corey points out, "if you and I are both black queens then we cant call each other black queens because thats not a read. Thats a [fact]."

*: Like most African-American women, Pearlie Mae uses snapping in many of the same ways that black gay men use it: to accentuate a read.

*: As Miss Dorian explains it, for two black queens to call one another "black queens" is "not a read, but a fact."

*: I learned that it was acceptable to be witty, especially if you were one of the wearblackallthetime, deconstructivist, radical, feministbitchydiva girls who could give a harsh read (i.e., critique) or throw shade ....

: to investigate the causes of natural phenomena

: to investigate an unsolved murder

*: "Why dont you investigate?" he demanded. And investigate I did.

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