Abbildung englanniksi   map de, figure de, picture de, depiction de


: Let f be a map from \mathbb{R} to \mathbb{R}

: I dont want to play this map again!

: f maps A to B, mapping every a\in A to f(a)\in B.

: a figure in bronze; a figure cut in marble

*: a coin that bears the figure of an angel

: He cut a sorry figure standing there in the rain.

*: I made some figure there.

*: gentlemen of the best figure in the county

*: that he may live in figure and indulgence

*: Flowers have all exquisite figures.

: The muslin was of a pretty figure.

*: to represent the imagination under the figure of a wing

: rfquotek|Johnson

: rfquotek|Grove

: I cant figure if hes telling the truth or lying.

*: If love, alas! be pain I bear, / No thought can figure, and no tongue declare.

*: The vaulty top of heaven / Figured quite oer with burning meteors.

*: As through a crystal glass the figured hours are seen.

*: whose white vestments figure innocence

*: In this the heaven figures some event.

*: Orion hit a rabbit once; but though sore wounded it got to the bury, and, struggling in, the arrow caught the side of the hole and was drawn out.nb.... Ikey the blacksmith had forged us a spearhead after a sketch from a picture of a Greek warrior; and a rake-handle served as a shaft.

*: My eyes make pictures when they are shut.

*: So this was my future home, I thought! Certainly it made a brave picture. I had seen similar ones fired-in on many a Heidelberg stein. Backed by towering hills,...a sky of palest Gobelin flecked with fat, fleecy little clouds, it in truth looked a dear little city; the city of ones dreams.

*: Prior to seeing him and meeting him, and hearing him speak, I had conjured up a picture of him in my mind, which actual contact with him proved to be an illusion. I had conceived of being tall, commanding, and as the advance notices of him, a sliver-tongued orator. I found him, however, to be the opposite of my mental picture; short, squat, unpretentiousnb....

: ux|en|There was a picture hanging above the fireplace.

: ux|en|I took a picture of the church.

: ux|en|Casablanca is my all-time favorite picture.

: ux|en|Lets go to the pictures.

: ux|en|Shes the very picture of health.

*: any well-expressed image...either in picture or sculpture

*: the young kings virgin wax

: The employment picture for the older middle class is not so good.

: You can just look at the election, youve got to look at the big picture.

*: Picture yourself on a boat on a river / With tangerine trees and marmalade skies,

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