Becken englanniksi   pelvis de, tank de, pool de, cymbal de, basin de


*: The tanks are full and the grass is high.

: I burned three tanks of gas on the drive to New York.

*: Beforehand, Swedish [national ice hockey team] coach Bengt-Ake Gustafsson had ruminated about tanking against Slovakia to avoid powerful Canada or the Czechs in the quarters [i.e., quarterfinals of the 2006 Winter Olympic tournament], telling Swedish television, "One is cholera, the other the plague."

: rfquotek|SimmondsWebster 1913

: the pools of Solomon

*: Charity will hardly water the ground where it must first fill a pool.

*: The sleepy pool above the dam.

*: The filthy mantled pool beyond your cell.

*: He plays pool at the billiard houses.

: The pool took all the wheat offered below the limit.

: He put $10,000 into the pool.

*: Finally, it favors the pooling of all issues.

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