Eid englanniksi   eid en, depose de, oath de, vow de, Eid en


*: additional mud deposed upon it

: A deposed monarch may go into exile as pretender to the lost throne, hoping to be restored in a subsequent revolution.

*: a tyrant over his subjects, and therefore worthy to be deposed

: After we deposed the claimant we had enough evidence to avoid a trial.

*: Depose him in the justice of his cause.

*: to depose the yearly rent or valuation of lands

*: There are ... brought all the way from Bougainville to present their birth certificates and testify in this courtroom, under oath, as to their given names.

: ux|en|The old hermit, up in the mountains, took a vow of silence.

*: When thou vowest a vow unto God, defer not to pay it.

*: We do not vow that we will never sin, nor neglect a duty (nor ought we to do so).

: The wronged woman vowed revenge.

: The rebels vowed to continue their fight.

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