Eingeweide englanniksi   viscera de, entrails de, bowel de, intestine de, giblets de, tripe de, guts de


*: And when he was hanged, brast asondre in the myddes, and all his bowels gusshed out.

: The treasures were stored in the bowels of the ship.

*: His soldiers ... cried out amain, / And rushed into the bowels of the battle.

*: Thou thing of no bowels, thou!

*: Bloody Bonner, that corpulent tyrant, full (as one said) of guts, and empty of bowels.

*: Friend hast thou none, / For thine own bowels, which do call thee sire,

*: Their bodies are first bowelled, then dried upon hurdles till they be very dry [...].

*: It being true that now after fiue yeeres intestine warre with the reuengefull implacable Indians, a firme peace (not againe easily to be broken) hath bin lately concludednb....

*: Yet the success of Trajan, however transient, was rapid and specious. The degenerate Parthians, broken by intestine discord, fled before his arms.

*: When you have alleaged all the reasons you can, and beleeved all to disavow and reject her, she produceth, contrarie to your discourses, so intestine inclination, that you have small hold against her.

*: Hoping here to end / Intestine war in heaven, the arch foe subdued.

*: an intestine struggle...between authority and liberty

*: Everything labours under an intestine necessity.

: rfquotek|Cowper----

: It must have taken some guts to speak in front that audience.

: She doesnt take any nonsense from anyone—shes got guts.

: His speech had no guts in it.

: He knew all about the guts of the business, how things actually get done.

: He gutsed out a 6-1 win.

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