Elektrizität englanniksi   electricity de


*: How does it work, though? Its based on the observation made some 200 years ago that electricity can change the shape of flames.

*: Householders could one day be producing as much electricity as all the countrys nuclear power stations combined, thanks to the revolutionary application of a device developed in the early 19th century.

*: Restoring the equilibrium in the bottle does not at all affect the Electricity in the man.

*: Attraction, then, is the first phenomenon that arrests our attention, and it is one that is constantly attendant on excitation. It is therefore considered a sure indicator of the presence of electricity in an active state, and forms the basis of all its tests.

*: We may express all these results in a concise and consistent manner by describing an electrified body as charged with a certain quantity of electricity, which we may denote by e.

: ux|en|Opening night for the new production had an electricity unlike other openings.

*: The concretion of Ice will not endure a dry attrition without liquation; for if it be rubbed long with a cloth, it melteth. But Crystal will calefie unto electricity; that is, a power to attract strawes and light bodies, and convert the needle freely placed.

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