Gelegenheit englanniksi   occasion de, opportunity de, chance de


*: Sin, taking occasion by the commandment, deceived me.

*: Ill take the occasion which he gives to bring / Him to his death.

*: That our work, therefore, might be in no danger of being likened to the labours of these historians, we have taken every occasion of interspersing through the whole sundry similes, descriptions, and other kind of poetical embellishments.

: ux|en|At this point, she seized the occasion to make her own observation.

: ux|en|I had no occasion to feel offended, however.

*: it were too vile to say, and scarce to be beleeved, what we endured: but the occasion was our owne, for want of providence, industrie and government [...].

: ux|en|I could think of two separate occasions when she had deliberately lied to me.

: ux|en|I have no occasion for firearms.

*: after we have served ourselves and our own occasions

*: when my occasions took me into France

: ux|en|Having people round for dinner was always quite an occasion at our house.

*: Whose manner was, all passengers to stay, / And entertain with her occasions sly.

: it is seen that the mental changes are occasioned by a change of polarity

: Having a holiday is a great opportunity to relax.

: I wanted to become a professional, but because of my financial situation there were no opportunities.

: ux|en|We had the chance to meet the president last week.

: ux|en|Why leave it to chance when a few simple steps will secure the desired outcome?

: ux|en|There is a 30 percent chance of rain tomorrow.

*: Wild-visagd Wanderer! ah for thy heavy chance!

: It chanced that I found a solution the very next day.

*: if a birds nest chance to be before thee

*: I chanced on this letter.

*: Once ... it chanced that Geoffrey Riddell w|Bishop of Ely, a Prelate rather troublesome to w|Samson of Tottington|our Abbot, made a request of him for timber from his woods towards certain edifices going on at w|Glemsford.

*: Mr. Mason, shivering as some one chanced to open the door, asked for more coal to be put on the fire, which had burnt out its flame, though its mass of cinder still shone hot and red. The footman who brought the coal, in going out, stopped near Mr. Eshtons chair, and said something to him in a low voice, of which I heard only the words, "old woman,"—"quite troublesome."

*: ... while the King and Godwine sate at the table, accompanied with others of the nobilitie, it chanced the cupbearer (as he brought wine to the bourd) to slip with the one foote, and yet by good strength of his other leg, to recover himselfe without falling ...

: Shall we carry the umbrella, or chance a rainstorm?

*: Come what will, I will chance it.

: He chanced upon a kindly stranger who showed him the way.

*: No crowd was about the door; no people were discernible at any of the many windows; not even a chance passer-by was in the street. An unnatural silence and desertion reigned there.

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