Gemeinde englanniksi   town de, fold de, borough de, parish de, congregation de, municipality de, community de


: ux|en|This town is really dangerous because these youngsters have Beretta handguns.

: ux|en|Ill be in Yonkers, then Im driving into town to see the Knicks at the Garden tonight.

: ux|en|Call me when you get to town.

: rfquotek|Palsgrave

: If you fold the sheets, theyll fit more easily in the drawer.

: Cardboard doesnt fold very easily.

: The chair folded under his enormous weight.

*: He put out his arms and folded her to his breast. And for a while she lay there sobbing. He looked at us over her bowed head, with eyes that blinked damply above his quivering nostrils. His mouth was set as steel.

: With no hearts in the river and no chance to hit his straight, he folded.

: Fold the egg whites into the batter.

: The company folded after six quarters of negative growth.

: He folded his arms in defiance.

*: Nor fold my fault in cleanly coined excuses.

*: mummies ... shrouded in a number of folds of linen

*: Folds are most common in the rocks of mountainous regions.

*: Shall from your neck unloose his amorous fold.

*: Having suffered the loss of Rooney just as he had returned to the fold, Moyes mood will not have improved as Liverpool took the lead in the third minute.

*: Leaps oer the fence with ease into the fold.

: John, X, 16: "Other sheep I have which are not of this fold."

: rfquotek|Creech

: The star that bids the shepherd fold — Milton.

: rfquotek|Blackstone

: rfquotek|TomlinsWebster 1913

*: ... [m]akes possible, through the aid of the rural ministers, the development of the various phases of the District program, such as (a) Parishing of the District; (b) Interdenominational adjustment in the interest of rural religious advance ...

*: Father Malachy, a distant cousin, who was parished somewhere in the depths of Co. Monaghan, sat firmly in the chair in the corner, sipping his tea from a china cup.

*: Consequently, approaching half of the non-metropolitan population of England is parished (Table 2.2).

*: ...

*: The South West and East Midlands are also particularly well parished while the North West, West Midlands and South East are poorly parished.

*: Dr Whitehead: In your written evidence, you have all in different ways made the distinction between NDOs in parished areas and NDOs in non-parished areas, ...

*: ... a chair immediately opposite to Tressadys place remained vacant. It was being kept for the eldest son of the house, his mother explaining carelessly to Lord Fontenoy that she believed he was "Out parishing somewhere, as usual."

*: "You will take pleasure in parishing. Mother used to parish."

*: "How do you know I like parishing?"

*: "Your uncle said so."

*: "Oh! did he?"

*: "And you may like the rectory people; its a fine old house, and often full of visitors."

*: "Are you going ‘parishing’ this morning?" inquired Diana, as she watched him fill and light his pipe.

*: Burdens upon the poorer classes of the community.

*: Creatures that in communities exist.

: A community is infinitely more brutalised by the habitual employment of punishment than it is by the occasional occurrence of crime (Oscar Wilde)

*: The original community of all things.

*: An unreserved community of thought and feeling.

: ux|en|a community of goods

*: The essential community of nature between organic growth and inorganic growth.

*: There can be no community between us and them, unless by allying ourselves with murder, and sanctioning and sharing in the pillage of thieves.

*: Eyes ... sick and blunted with community.

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