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*: Africa was the natural leader because there the number of Christians who were of Roman origin and Latin speech was probably far greater than in so cosmopolitan a city as Rome.

*: The Serbo-Croatian incunabula printed in Latin letters are indubitably the products of a very modest establishment.

*: The earliest Latin culture of Ireland was heavily indebted to that of Britain...

*: From the Campagna and the Latin hills, the flame of rebellion spread to Antium and Terracina, and to the most remote allies of the Romans, the cities of the Campanian plains.

*: Therefore, although Portugal is a Latin culture, the significant African influence in Brazil creates a culture that cannot be defined simply as Latin; consequently, Brazilians prefer to define themselves as South American...

*: As such, todays Latin music is a synthesis of European, African, and the few indigenous elements that remain.

*: The Latin bishop now took the Greek bishop by the hand and conducted him to his throne...

*: When the Christian Church rose in stature in the Dark Ages, its adoption of Latin as the official language assured its eternal life.

*: Like Copernicus and Galileo, Johannes Kepler was a renowned astronomer who wrote in Latin.

*: This appears incontestably from the manner in which the Latins wrote Greek words and names...

*: No; the test of the contrast between modern Latins and modern Teutons is exactly like the test of the contrast between modern Latins and ancient Latins.

*: Latins are always conspicuously dangerous when they are serving an unpopular cause for money.

*: In the use of patent medicine the average Latin resembles the American of fifty years ago, who generally had a bottle of some concoction on which he depended whenever he felt out of sorts.

*: The modern Latins have been in the habit of blaming the Greek and other Eastern Liturgies for not consecrating by the recital of OUR SAVIOURS words of Institution...

: Latinos have quickly become the largest ethnic minority in the United States.

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