Lauge englanniksi   lye de, steep de


*: But when his foe lyes prostrate on the plain,
He sheaths his paws, uncurls his angry mane;
And, pleasd with bloudless honours of the day,
Walks over, and disdains th inglorious Prey.

: a steep hill or mountain; a steep roof; a steep ascent; a steep barometric gradient

: Twenty quid for a shave? Thats a bit steep.

: rfquotek|Chapman

: The steep rake of the windshield enhances the fast lines of the exterior. []

: They steep skins in a tanning solution to create leather.

: The tea is steeping.

*: In refreshing dew to steep / The little, trembling flowers.

*: The learned of the nation were steeped in Latin.

: a town steeped in history

: Corn steep has many industrial uses.

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