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*: He had a Sister, which according to the Mongalian custom lived in the devoted spiritual state.

*: The Mongolian characters...are written perpendicularly from above downward.

*: He usually had a heavy growth of dark stubble that made him look...rather like a Mongolian bandit.

*: The Mongolian variety inhabits eastern Asia, Finland, and Lapland in Europe, and includes the Esquimaux of North America.

*: The white (or Caucasian), the yellow (or Mongolian), and the black (or Ethiopian)

*: It was not so much their Mongolian features that impressed everyone...

: Spelling: Also mongolian.

*: The Mongolian type of idiocy occurs in more than ten per cent. of the cases which are presented to me.

*: The condition known as trisomy 21 syndrome or mongolian idiocy (sometimes referred to as Downs syndrome) had long been an enigma.

*: The Cossac there, The Calmuc, and Mungalian, round the bales In crowds resort.

*: This day we saw some scattered tents of Mongalians, with their flocks.

*: The Mongolians are the most nomadic of populations.

*: Mongolians now regard animal husbandry as a low-status occupation.

*: Khalka ... Mongolian possesses seven vowels and twenty consonants.

*: The Altaic family ... comprises about 40 languages, classified into three groups: Turkic, Mongolian, and Manchu-Tungus.

*: These inscriptions are in Mongolian and thus widen the appliqués international connections.

*: A particular individual which the latter considered a Mongolian and the former assures us is an Ethiopian.

*: Extreme forms like the Australians, Negroes, Mongolians, and Europeans may be described as races because each has certain characteristics which set them off from other groups, and which are strictly hereditary.

*: The thesis of this work was that native Americans were one race distinct from Eskimos and Mongolians.

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