Portugali englanniksi   Portugal fi, Portuguese fi


*: Some became Christians, from whose faith and race, even at this day (for it is an hundred yeares since) few Portugalls assure themselves; although custome and length of time be much more forcible counsellors unto such mutations than any other compulsion.

*: The British army had already moved over the border and the commander had established his HQ high in the central Portuguese mountains at Viseu.

*: In San Diego County there is but one Portuguese fisherman, as is also the case in Los Angeles, the county immediately adjoining.

*: The latter feature indicates that a Portuguese consonant cannot constitute the nucleus of a syllable.

*: With a view to securing its more efficient working, a Portuguese was placed in charge of the entire department as Vidane.

*: Beresford required all materials for coatees, waistcoats and pantaloons to be sent out unmade, as the Portuguese were perfectly capable of making the suits up properly after delivery.

*: Portuguese, however, is slightly different from Catalan, Spanish, and Romanian in that there is no strict adjacency requirement between wh-words and the verbal cluster in indirect questions.

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