Probe englanniksi   Probe en, specimen de, test de, trial de, rehearsal de, probe en, sample de


: early specimens of the art of Picasso

: Examples: [[:File:PostcardLeapYearBeCarefulClara1908.jpg|Postcard: Leap Year, 1908]], [[:File:Trinity College, Connecticut, in 1905 Postcard.jpg|Postcard: Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut]]

*: Who would excel, when few can make a test / Betwixt indifferent writing and the best?

: Climbing the mountain tested our stamina.

: to test the soundness of a principle; to test the validity of an argument

*: Experience is the surest standard by which to test the real tendency of the existing constitution.

: ux|en|He tested positive for cancer.

: to test a solution by litmus paper

*: Prelates and great lords of England, who were for the more surety tests of that deed.

: They will perform the trials for the new equipment next week.

: That boy was a trial to his parents.

: soccer trials

: The warning system was extensively trialed before being fitted to all our vehicles.

: The team trialled a new young goalkeeper in Saturdays match, with mixed results.

: No language has a trial number unless it has a dual.

: They launched a probe into the cause of the accident.

: Insert the probe into the soil and read the temperature.

: If you probe further, you may discover different reasons.

*: the growing disposition to probe the legality of all acts of the crown

: "I design this but for a sample of what I hope more fully to discuss." -Woodward.

: " is possible it [the Anglo-Saxon race] might stand second to the Scandinavian countries [in average height] if a fair sample of their population were obtained." Francis Galton et al. (1883). Final Report of the Anthropometric Committee, Report of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, [ p. 269].

*: a sample to the youngest

*: Thus he concludes, and every hardy knight / His sample followed.

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