Programm englanniksi   cycle de, program de, catalogue de, schedule de, scheme de, syllabus de


: the cycle of the seasons, or of the year

*: Wages ... bear a full proportion ... to the medium of provision during the last bad cycle of twenty years.

: ux|en|The interval cycle C4 consists of the pitch classes 0, 4 and 8; when starting on E, it is realised as the pitches E, G

: ux|en|The "Ring of the Nibelung" is a cycle of four operas by Richard Wagner, the famous nineteenth-century German composer.

: ux|en|Put the washing in on a warm cycle.

: the spin cycle

: ux|en|Jones hit for the cycle in the game.

: rfquotek|Milton

: rfquotek|Burke

*: Better fifty years of Europe than a cycle of Cathay.

*: We ... present our gardeners with a complete cycle of what is requisite to be done throughout every month of the year.

: a cycle or set of leaves

: rfquotek|Gray

: Avoid cycling the device unnecessarily.

: They have their cycling game going tonight.

: ux|en|Our program for today’s exercise class includes swimming and jogging.

: ux|en|The program consisted of ads for restaurants and the credits of everyone connected with the play.

: ux|en|Tonight’s program was hosted by Johnny Carson.

: ux|en|The program runs on both [[Linux]] and Microsoft [[Windows]].

*: Ellis: Come on, John, why don’t you get with the program and tell him where the detonators are?

: I programmed a small game as a demonstration.

*: The program generates a catalogue of the files on the cartridge selected by the user, reads the catalogue into memory and erases the cartridge copy, so that an up-to-date copy is always generated.

*: It has two extra options using extended syntax. CAT - an extended catalogue but not as detailed as some Ive seen. ( The reason that the Spectrum CAT command is restricted is that it cleverly uses the 512 bytes data buffer of the microdrive channel to sort the filenames - hence the limit of 50 ten-character filenames )

: Ill schedule you for three-oclock then.

: The next elections are scheduled on the 20th of November.

*: The stoical scheme of supplying our wants by lopping off our desires, is like cutting off our feet when we want shoes.

*: the appearance and outward scheme of things

*: such a scheme of things as shall at once take in time and eternity

*: arguments ... sufficient to support and demonstrate a whole scheme of moral philosophy

*: The Revolution came and changed his whole scheme of life.

*: to draw an exact scheme of Constantinople, or a map of France

*: It was all too dear. They all just put their prices up because it was out in the scheme.

*: a blue case, from which was drawn a scheme of nativity

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