Prostituierte englanniksi   tweak de, prostitute de


: a tweak of the nose.

: He is running so many tweaks it is hard to remember how it looked originally.

*: […] Thence to Bautree, as I came there, / From the bushes near the lane, there / Rushd a tweak in gesture flanting / With a leering eye, and wanton : / But my flesh I did subdue it / Fearing lest my purse should rue it.

: ux|en|to tweak the nose.

: ux|en|If we tweak the colors towards blue, it will look more natural.

: I currently work as a prostitute in order to pay off my university debts.

*: Do not prostitute thy daughter.

: Yet again a commercial firm had prostituted a traditional song by setting an advertising jingle to its tune.

suositut haut
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