Quittung englanniksi   comeuppance de, receipt de, voucher de, acknowledgement de


*: So when Browns second wife turned out a reglar ternygrunt, I want in no wise upset, for he needed a comeuppance, an he got it in her.

*: The Sunday edition of the principal morning paper even expressed some bitterness under the heading, "Gilded Youths of the Fin-de-Siecle"--this was considered the knowing phrase of the time, especially for Sunday supplements--and there is no doubt that from certain references in this bit of writing some people drew the conclusion that Mr. George Amberson Minafer had not yet got his comeuppance, a postponement still irritating.

*: The Yankees got their comeuppance in Milwaukee when the Braves piled up a record score for the first inning of a World Series game.

*: ... in the anonymous A New Gift for Children (1750), perhaps Americas first secular storybook, and its tales of children who are good and merit rewards, and tales of children who are otherwise and receive their comeuppances.

*: at the receipt of your letter

*: And therewith Sir Launcelot gate all his armoure as well as he myght and put hit upon hym for drede of more resseitenb....

: ux|en|This weekends receipts alone cover our costs to mount the production!

*: She had a receipt to make white hair black.

*: thy kind receipt of me

*: It has become a place of great receipt.

*: in a retired receipt together lay

: to receipt delivered goods

: to receipt a bill

*: To the fashionable world he cannot be a stranger ... and his having married a sister of the Duke of Leeds is a voucher for my assertion.

: a wedding invitations acknowledgement

: See Wikipedia article on [[w:transmission (telecommunications)|transmission]]

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