Schleier englanniksi   yashmak de, veil de, cloud de


*: Mungo cannot make out her face, which is concealed behind a yashmak – the double horsehair veil worn by Muslim women in public – but he is immediately struck by her feet and hands.

*: The veil of the temple was rent in twain.

*: She, as a veil down to the slender waist, / Her unadorned golden tresses wore.

*: [I will] pluck the borrowed veil of modesty from the so seeming Mistress Page.

*: Beckett complains that "in the forest of symbols" there is never quiet, and longs to break through the veil of language to silence.

: The forest fire was veiled by smoke, but I could hear it clearly.

*: So this was my future home, I thought!...Backed by towering hills, the but faintly discernible purple line of the French boundary off to the southwest, a sky of palest Gobelin flecked with fat, fleecy little clouds, it in truth looked a dear little city; the city of ones dreams.

: ux|en|He opened the door and was greeted by a cloud of bats.

*: so great a cloud of witnesses

: ux|en|The comic-book characters thoughts appeared in a cloud above his head.

: The glass clouds when you breathe on it.

: The sky is clouded.

: All this talk about human rights is clouding the real issue.

*: One day too late, I fear me, noble lord, / Hath clouded all thy happy days on earth.

*: Be not disheartened, then, nor cloud those looks.

*: I would not be a stander-by to hear / My sovereign mistress clouded so, without / My present vengeance taken.

: to cloud yarn

*: the nice conduct of a clouded cane

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