Schlucht englanniksi   canyon de, gorge de, ravine de


*: Snow filled her mouth. She caromed off things she never saw, tumbling through a cluttered canyon like a steel marble falling through pins in a pachinko machine.

*: Wherewith he gripped her gorge with so great pain.

*: Now, how abhorred! ... my gorge rises at it.

*: And all the way, most like a brutish beast, / He spewed up his gorge, that all did him detest.

: an ice gorge in a river

: rfquotek|Gwilt

: They gorged themselves on chocolate and cake.

*: The fish has gorged the hook.

*: Gorge with my blood thy barbarous appetite.

*: The giant, gorged with flesh, and wine, and blood, / Lay stretchd at length and snoring in his den...

: Oh, look at him: isnt he gorge?

*: "Um, Hadley? Dont tell me thats another new outfit. Its totally gorge!” Sofia stopped me in the middle of the hallway to admire the clothes Id meticulously picked out that morning.

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