Stich englanniksi   prick de, stitch de, bite de, trick de, sting de, stab de, engraving de


*: Pins, wooden pricks, nails, sprigs of rosemary.

*: It is hard for thee to kick against the pricks.

: I felt a sharp prick as the nurse took a sample of blood.

*: the pricks of conscience

*: the prick of noon

*: they that shooten nearest the prick

: John hardly felt the needle prick his arm when the adept nurse drew blood.

: to prick holes in paper

: to prick a pattern for embroidery

: to prick the notes of a musical composition

: rfquotek|Cowper

*: Some who are pricked for sheriffs.

*: Let the soldiers for duty be carefully pricked off.

*: Those many, then, shall die: their names are pricked.

: to prick a knife into a board

*: The cooks prick it [a slice] on a prong of iron.

: rfquotek|Isaac Newton

: A sore finger pricks.

*: By the pricking of my thumbs, / Something wicked this way comes.

*: The courser ... pricks up his ears.

*: My duty pricks me on to utter that.

: rfquotek|Milton

*: At last, as through an open plaine they yode, / They spide a knight that towards them pricked fayre ....

*: Indeed, it is a memorable subject for consideration, with what unconcern and gaiety mankind pricks on along the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

*: Now when they heard this, they were pricked in their heart.

*: I was pricked with some reproof.

: rfquotek|Hudibras

: rfquotek|Hawkins

: cross stitch

: herringbone stitch

: drop a stitch

: take up a stitch

:: You have gone a good stitch. — [[w:John Bunyan|John Bunyan]].

:: In Syria the husbandmen go lightly over with their plow, and take no deep stitch in making their furrows. — Holland.

: a stitch in the side

*: He was taken with a cold and with stitches, which was, indeed, a pleurisy.

*: If you talk, Or pull your face into a stitch again, I shall be angry.

: to wet every stitch of clothes.

: She didnt have a stitch on

: rfquotek|Chapman

: to stitch a shirt bosom.

: to stitch printed sheets in making a book or a pamphlet.

: I can use this software to stitch together a panorama.

: As soon as you bite that sandwich, youll know how good it is.

: That dog is about to bite!

: If you see me, come and say hello. I dont bite.

: I needed snow chains to make the tires bite.

: For homeowners with adjustable rate mortgages, rising interest will really bite.

: Are the fish biting today?

: Ive planted the story. Do you think theyll bite?

: These mosquitoes are really biting today!

: It bites like pepper or mustard.

: Pepper bites the mouth.

*: Frosts do bite the meads.

*: At the last it [wine] biteth like a serpent, and stingeth like an adder.

: The anchor bites.

: The anchor bites the ground.

*: The last screw of the rack having been turned so often that its purchase crumbled, ... it turned and turned with nothing to bite.

: This music really bites.

: You dont like that I sat on your car? Bite me.

: He always be biting my moves.

*: I have known a very good fisher angle diligently four or six hours for a river carp, and not have a bite.

: That snake bite really hurts!

: After just one night in the jungle I was covered with mosquito bites.

: There were only a few bites left on the plate.

: Thats really a bite!

: That song is a bite of my song!

: Ill have a quick bite to quiet my stomach until dinner.

*: The baser methods of getting money by fraud and bite, by deceiving and overreaching.

: rfquotek|Johnson

: Wow, your new sportscar is so trick.

: ux|en|It was just a trick to say that the house was underpriced.

: ux|en|And for my next trick, I will pull a wombat out of a duffel bag.

: ux|en|tricks of the trade;  whats the trick of getting this chair to fold up?

: the tricks of boys

: rfquotek|Prior

: a trick of drumming with the fingers; a trick of frowning

*: The trick of that voice I do well remember.

*: He hath a trick of Cœur de Lions face.

: rfquotek|Ben Jonson

: ux|en|I was able to take the second trick with the queen of hearts.

*: On one nice trick depends the general fate.

: ux|en|At the worst point, she was turning ten tricks a day.

: ux|en|As the businessman rounded the corner, she thought, "Here comes another trick."

: ux|en|Thats a nice skateboard, but can you do any tricks on it?

*: On third trick from 12 m. to 8 am, we have W. A. White, formerly operator at Wallula, who thus far has given general satisfaction.

*: Woodside Junction—On 8 hour basis, first trick $60, second trick $60, third trick $50.

*: The Union contends that Fifer was entitled to promotion to the position of Group Leader on the third trick in the Core Room Department.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

: You tried to trick me when you said that house was underpriced.

*: The rugged Pyrrhus, he whose sable arms, / Black as his purpose, did the night resemble / When he lay couched in the ominous horse, / Hath now this dread and black complexion smeard / With heraldry more dismal; head to foot / Now is he total gules; horridly trickd / With blood of fathers, mothers, daughters, sons ...

*: They forget that they are in the statutes: ... there they are tricked, they and their pedigrees.

*: Trick her off in air.

*: Tricking up their children in fine clothes.

*: They are simple, but majestic, records of the feelings of the poet; as little tricked out for the public eye as his diary would have been.

: Right so came out an adder of a little heathbush, and it stung a knight in the foot.

: Still, it stung when a slightly older acquaintance asked me why I couldnt do any better.

: My hand stings after knocking on the door so long.

: I thought I could park in front of the hotel, but they stung me for five pounds!

: Ill give this [[thankless]] task a stab.

: a horn stab

: ux|en|If you stab him in the heart he wont live long enough to retaliate.

: ux|en|to stab a dagger into a person

*: None shall dare / With shortened sword to stab in closer war.

: ux|en|He stabbed at my face with the twig but luckily kept missing my eyes.

: ux|en|The snow from the blizzard was stabbing at my face as I skied down the mountain.

: ux|en|to stab a persons reputation

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