Streit englanniksi   disagreement de, discord de, quarrel de, argument de, strife de, conflict de, melee de, contention de, dispute de, feud de, fight de, wrangle de, hassle de


: They had a bit of a disagreement about what color to paint the bedroom, but they have reached a compromise.

: The theory shows considerable disagreement with the data.

*: A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.

*: Peace to arise out of universal discord fomented in all parts of the empire.

*: For a discord itself is but a harshness of divers sounds meeting.

: We got into a silly quarrel about what food to order.

: A few customers in the shop had some quarrels with us, so we called for the manager.

: rfquotek|Holland

*: Beasts called sociable quarrel in hunger and lust.

: to quarrel with ones lot

*: I will not quarrel with a slight mistake.

*: I had quarrelled my brother purposely.

*: Twanged the string, out flew the quarrel long, / And through the subtle air did singing pass.

*: to shoot with arrows and quarrel

*: two arblasts,...with windlaces and quarrels

*: The small cross-bow, called the arbalet or arbalest, is said to have been invented by the Sicilians. It was carried by the foot-soldiers, and when used was charged with a quarrel or bar-bolt, that is, a small arrow with a flat head, one of which occasioned the death of Harold at the battle of Hastings,nb....

*: Satin scooped up his crossbow and sent a few quarrels after them as they ran, to see them off the faster.

*: There is ... no more palpable and convincing argument of the existence of a Deity.

*: The argument is not about things, but names.

*: In ‘The Critic of Arguments’ (1892), Peirce adopts a notion that is even closer to that of a propositional function. There he develops the concept of the ‘rhema’. He says the rhema is like a relative term, but it is not a term. It contains a copula, that is, when joined to the correct number of [[argument]]s it produces an assertion. For example, ‘__ is bought by __ from __ for __’ is a four-place rhema. Applying it to four objects a, b, c, and d produces the assertion that a is bought by b from c for d (ibid. 420).

: Parameters are like labeled fillable blanks used to define a function whereas arguments are passed to a function when calling it, filling in those blanks.

*: In numerous works over the past two decades, beginning with the pioneering work of Gruber (1965), Fillmore (1968a), and Jackendoff (1972), it has been argued that each Argument (i.e. Subject or Complement) of a Predicate bears a particular thematic role (alias theta-role, or θ-role to its Predicate), and that the set of thematic functions which Arguments can fulfil are drawn from a highly restricted, finite, universal set.

: The altitude is the argument of the refraction.

*: You and love are still my argument.

*: the abstract or argument of the piece

*: [shields] with boastful argument portrayed

*: Sheathed their swords for lack of argument.

: ux|en|The conflict between the government and the rebels began three years ago.

: ux|en|I wanted to attend the meeting but theres a conflict in my schedule that day.

: Your conference call conflicts with my older one: please reschedule.

: It is my contention that state lotteries are taxes on stupid people.

*: Addicted more / To contemplation and profound dispute.

: rfquotek|Daniel Defoe

: Some residents disputed the proposal, saying it was based more on emotion than fact.

: to dispute assertions or arguments

*: to seize goods under the disputed authority of writs of assistance

*: to dispute the possession of the ground with the Spaniards

*: Dispute it [grief] like a man.

: You couldnt call it a feud exactly, but there had always been a chill between Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods.

: The two men began to feud after one of them got a job promotion and the other thought he was more qualified.

: ux|en|The two boxers have been fighting for more than half an hour.

: ux|en|A wounded animal will fight like a maniac.

: ux|en|He fought for the Democrats in the last election.

: ux|en|The battle was fought just over that hill.

*: He had to fight his way through the world.

*: I have fought a good fight.

: ux|en|My grandfather fought the Nazis in World War II.

: ux|en|The government pledged to fight corruption.

: ux|en|to fight cocks;  to fight ones ship

: ux|en|One of them got stabbed to death during the fight.

: ux|en|Watch your language, are you looking for a fight?

: ux|en|Im going to Nick’s to watch the big fight tomorrow night.

: ux|en|Ill put up a fight to save this company.

: ux|en|That little guy has a bit of fight in him after all.   As soon as he saw the size of his opponent, all the fight went out of him.

*: Up with your fights, and your nettings prepare.

*: For a score of kingdoms you should wrangle.

*: He did not know what it was to wrangle on indifferent points.

*: When we have wrangled ourselves as long as our wits and strengths will serve us, the honest, downright sober English Protestant will be found in the end the man that walketh in the safest way, and by the surest line.

: I dont know how, but she managed to wrangle us four front row seats at tonights game.

: I went through a lot of hassle to be the first to get a ticket.

: The unlucky boy was hassled by a gang of troublemakers on his way home.

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