Verstand englanniksi   sense de, mind de, brain de, sanity de, reason de


*: Let fancy still my sense in Lethe steep.

*: What surmounts the reach / Of human sense I shall delineate.

: a sense of security

*: this Basilius, having the quick sense of a lover

*: high disdain from sense of injured merit

: Its common sense not to put metal objects in a microwave oven.

*: Some are so hardened in wickedness as to have no sense of the most friendly offices.

: You don’t make any sense.

: the true sense of words or phrases

*: So they read in the book in the law of God distinctly, and gave the sense.

*: I think twas in another sense.

: A keen musical sense

: She immediately sensed her disdain.

: ux|en|Despite advancing age, his mind was still as sharp as ever.

: ux|en|There was no doubt in his mind that they would win.

: ux|en|My mind just went blank.

: ux|en|I can’t keep my mind on what I’m doing.

: ux|en|He was one of history’s greatest minds.

: ux|en|He changed his mind after hearing the speech.

: ux|en|She had a mind to go to Paris.;  a mind to the madness

: ux|en|I, ______ being of sound mind and body, do herebynb...

: ux|en|You are losing your mind.

*: “[…] it is not fair of you to bring against mankind double weapons ! Dangerous enough you are as woman alone, without bringing to your aid those gifts of mind suited to problems which men have been accustomed to arrogate to themselves.”

: ux|en|The mind is a process of the brain.

*: Study gives strength to the mind; conversation, grace: the first apt to give stiffness, the other suppleness: one gives substance and form to the statue, the other polishes it.

*: The mind is that part of our being which thinks and wills, remembers and reasons; we know nothing of it except from these functions.

*: Thus they dwelled for nearly a year, and in that time Robin Hood often turned over in his mind many means of making an even score with the Sheriff.

*: The land where I shall mind you not / Is the land where alls forgot.

: You should mind your own business.

*: bidding him be a good child, and mind his book

: I wouldnt mind an ice cream right now.

*: ‘Should you ever have a son, Sansa, beat him frequently so he learns to mind you.’

*: My lord, you nod: you do not mind the play.

: Would you mind my bag for me?

: Mind you dont knock that glass over.

*: Bank Underground Station, London, is built on a curve, leaving a potentially dangerous gap between platform and carriage to trap the unwary. The loudspeaker voice instructs passengers to "Mind the gap": the boundary between train and platform.

*: I mind to tell him plainly what I think.

: rfquotek|Beaconsfield

*: He minded them of the mutability of all earthly things.

: rfquotek|M. Arnold

*: I do thee wrong to mind thee of it.

: ux|en|He was a total brain.

: ux|en He is the brains behind the scheme.

*: "We provided a lot of brains and a lot of heart to the response when it was needed," says Sandra Sanchez, director of AFSCs Immigrants Voice Program in Des Moines.

: ux|en|He has a lot of brains.

: ux|en Gerald always acts like he doesnt have a brain.

: ux|en|The computers brain is capable of millions of calculations a second.

*: You said I got brain from your dame in the range

*: In the passing lane

*: But you really aint got no proof

*: There thou mayst brain him.

*: It was the swift celerity of the death ... That brained my purpose.

*: Tis still a dream, or else such stuff as madmen / Tongue, and brain not.

: ux|en|The reason this tree fell is that it had rotted.

*: There is a reason why so many should be symmetrical: The selective advantage in a symmetrical complex is enjoyed by all the subunits...

: ux|en|The reason I robbed the bank was that I needed the money.

: ux|en|If you dont give me a reason to go with you, I wont.

*: This is the reason why he proposes to offer a libation, to atone for the abuse of the day by their diversions.

*: Ralph Touchett, for reasons best known to himself, had seen fit to say that Gilbert Osmond was not a good fellow...

*: I have forgotten the reason he gave for not travelling by air. I felt sure that it was not the correct reason, and that he suffered from a heart trouble which he kept to himself.

: ux|en|Mankind should develop reason above all other virtues.

*: And the specific distinction between man and beast is now, strictly speaking, no longer reason (the lumen naturale of the human animal) but science...

*: I was promised, on a time, To have reason for my rhyme.

: rfquotek|Barrow

: I reasoned the matter with my friend.

: to reason one into a belief; to reason one out of his plan

: to reason down a passion

: to reason out the causes of the librations of the moon

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