Witz englanniksi   gag de, wit de, joke de


: a gag of mutton fat

: rfquotek|Lamb

: He gagged when he saw the open wound.

: The victims could not speak because the burglar had gagged them with duct tape.

: When the financial irregularities were discovered, the CEO gagged everyone in the accounting department.

*: The time was not yet come when eloquence was to be gagged, and reason to be hoodwinked.

*: mouths gagged to such a wideness

: ux|en|Hes gone completely out of his wits.

: ux|en|Where she has gone to is beyond the wit of man to say.

: ux|en|My father had a quick wit and a steady hand.

: ux|en|The opportunity was right in front of you, and you didnt even have the wit to take it!

: ux|en|The best mans speech was hilarious, full of wit and charm.

: ux|en|Your friend is quite a wit, isnt he?

: You committed terrible actions — to wit, murder and theft — and should be punished accordingly.

: They are meddling in matters that men should not wit of.

*: but soon having wist

*: How sky-breadth and field-silence and this day

*: Are symbols also in some deeper way,

*: She looked through these to God and was God’s priest.

*: Or witty joke our airy senses moves / To pleasant laughter.

: It was a joke!

*: Enclose whole downs in walls, tis all a joke.

: Your effort at cleaning your room is a joke.

: The president was a joke.

: I didn’t mean what I said — I was only joking.

: to joke a comrade

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