Zahn englanniksi   jag de, tooth de, cog de


*: garments thus beset with long jags

: rfquotek|Bishop Hacket

*: ‘People who spend their money for second-hand sex jags are as nervous as dowagers who cant find the rest-room.’

: I have a sweet tooth: I love sugary treats.

*: These are not dishes for thy dainty tooth.

*: The twin cards toothed with glittering wire.

: to tooth a saw

: rfquotek|Moxon

*: As the Kynge was in his cog and lay in his caban, he felle in a slumberyngnb....

*: ‘There are twenty-five of us, but they don’t reckon I’m worth anything. I’m just a cog in the machine.’

*: Your boss tells you “take initiative,” you best guess right—and you do, then you get no credit. Day-in, … smiling, smiling, just a cog.

: rfquotek|William Watson

*: For guineas in other mens breeches, / Your gamesters will palm and will cog.

*: Ill ... cog their hearts from them.

: to cog in a word

*: Fustian tragedies ... have, by concerted applauses, been cogged upon the town for masterpieces.

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