aavistaa englanniksi   divine, sniff, foresee


*: Yet oft his heart, divine of something ill, / Misgave him.

*: church history and other divine learning

*: Poets were the first divines.

*: The first divines of New England were surpassed by none in extensive erudition.

*: a sagacity which divined the evil designs

*: Darest thou ... divine his downfall?

*: no secret can be told
To any who divined it not before

*: If in the loneliness of his studio he wrestled desperately with the Angel of the Lord he never allowed a soul to divine his anguish.

*: I suppose that we truly are divining that what is is some third thing when we say that change and stability are.

*: Living on earth like angel new divined.

: She gave the flowers a quick sniff to check they were real.

: The dog sniffed around the park, searching for a nice scent.

: I sniffed the meat to see if it hadnt gone off.

: "Hes never coming back, is he?" she sniffed while looking at a picture of him.

: I can sniff trouble coming from the basement.

: This opportunity is not to be sniffed at.

: "I foresee in this," he says, "the breaking up of our profession."

*: A prudent man foreseeth the evil.

*: Great shoals of people, which go on to populate, without foreseeing means of life.

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