acclamer englanniksi   acclaim fr, applause fr, cheer fr


*: The design, when finally developed, was a slight disappointment to Monsieur Deplis, who had suspected Icarus of being a fortress taken by Wallenstein in the Thirty Years War, but he was more than satisfied with the execution of the work, which was acclaimed by all who had the privilege of seeing it as Pincinis masterpiece.

*: And soo on the morne they were alle accorded that they shold departe eueryche from other / And on the morne they departed with wepynge chere / and euery kny?t took the way that hym lyked best

*: Heraclitus taking pitie and compassion of the very same condition of ours, was continually seene with a sad, mournfull, and heavie cheere transterm|visage|lang=frm, and with teares trickling downe his blubbered eyes.

*: ‘thorough evill rest of this last night, / Or ill apayd or much dismayd ye be; / That by your change of cheare is easie for to see.’

*: And anon he talked with them, and sayde unto them: be of good chere, it is I, be not afrayed.

*: The parents...fled away with heavy cheer.

*: I have not that alacrity of spirit, / Nor cheer of mind, that I was wont to have.

: ux|en|a table loaded with good cheer

: ux|en|A cheer rose from the crowd.

*: Welcome her, thundering cheer of the street.

: We were cheered by the offer of a cup of tea.

*: The proud he tamed, the penitent he cheered.

: The crowd cheered in support of the athletes.

: The crowd cheered the athletes.

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