ahdistus englanniksi   anxiety, angst


*: But the other, because hes been immersed in arguments, gives the appearance of harbouring considerable anxiety and suspicion that hes ignorant of those matters he presents himself to others as an expert on.

: I was anxious to get into the office before Henderson called from New York.

*: Ive begun to regret that wed ever met / Between the dimensions. / It gets such a strain to pretend that the change / Is anything but cheap. / With your infant pique and your angst pretensions / Sometimes you act like such a creep.

*: Harrys adolescence is theatrical and gaudy, and many of its key scenes have a lurid and camp quality that is appropriate to the exaggerated mood-shifting and self-dramatizing of teen angst.

*: In the second scene, the camera switches to the father listening, angsting, dying inside, but saying nothing.

*: Shed never angsted so much about her head as she had in the past twenty-four hours. Why the hell hadnt she just left it alone?

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