aikuinen englanniksi   big, adult


: ux|en|Elephants are big animals, and they eat a lot.

*: The big houses, and there are a good many of them, lie for the most part in what may be called by courtesy the valleys. You catch a glimpse of them sometimes at a little distance from the [railway] line,nb..., with their court of farm and church and clustered village, in dignified seclusion.

: ux|en|There were concerns about the ethics of big science.

: ux|en|That style is very big right now in Europe, especially among teenagers.

: ux|en|Kids should get help from big people if they want to use the kitchen.

*: By midnight, however, the last light had fled / For even big people have then gone to bed[.]

: ux|en|Gosh, she is big!

: ux|en|Whats so big about that? I do it all the time.

*: "I was dragged up at the workhouse school till I was twelve. Then I ran away and sold papers in the streets, and anything else that I could pick up a few coppers by—except steal. I never did that. I always made up my mind Id be a big man some day, and—Im glad I didnt steal."

: ux|en|Im not big on the idea, but if you want to go ahead with it, I wont stop you.

: ux|en|Thats very big of you, thank you!

: ux|en|I tried to be the bigger person and just let it go, but I couldnt help myself.

: ux|en|Whoa, Nadia has gotten pretty big since she hit puberty.

: ux|en|She was big with child.

*: [Day] big with the fate of Cato and of Rome.

: ux|en|You are a big liar.  Why are you in such a big hurry?

: Hes always talking big, but he never delivers.

: He won big betting on the croquet championship.

: Youve got to think big to succeed at Amalgamated Plumbing.

: He hit him big and the guy just crumpled.

: an adult human, animal, or plant

: adult clothes

: adult content

: an adult movie

*: Womanhood was achieved at twenty-one, when the female was "adulted"; manhood was fully achieved at twenty-five, ...

*: The process of adulting children, ...

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