anéantir englanniksi   nuke fr, annihilate fr, wipe out fr, exterminate fr


: "I can buy nukes on the black market for $40 million each" - John Travolta in the movie Swordfish.

: "Just put it in the nuke for two minutes and then eat it."

: First they nuked [[Hiroshima]], then [[Nagasaki]].

: Ill nuke some pizza for dinner.

: To try to hide his posting history on [[Usenet]], he had his posts nuked from the [[Google]] archives. (see also [[expunge]])

: An atom bomb can annihilate a whole city.

*: of all the opinions which Antiquity hath had of men in gross, those which I most willingly embrace, and whereon I take most hold, are such as most vilifie, condemne, and annihilate us.

: Well use poison to exterminate the rats.

: Even a mass birching at the public school failed to exterminate truancy.

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