anfangen englanniksi   begin de, commence de, start de


: ux|en|I began playing the piano at the age of five.   Now that everyone is here, we should begin the presentation.   The program begins at 9 oclock on the dot.   I rushed to get to class on time, but the lesson had already begun.

*: The apostle begins our knowledge in the creatures, which leads us to the knowledge of God.

*: Ye nymphs of Solyma! begin the song.

*: Vast chain of being! which from God began.

*: Here the anthem doth commence.

*: His heaven commences ere the world be past.

*: We commence judges ourselves.

*: I question whether the formality of commencing was used in that age.

: The movie was entertaining from start to finish.

*: I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips, / Straining upon the start.

: He woke with a start.

*: Nature does nothing by starts and leaps, or in a hurry.

*: The sight of his scared face, his starts and pallors and sudden harkenings, unstrung me ...

: Jones has been a substitute before, but made his first start for the team last Sunday.

: ux|en|to start a stream of water;   to start a rumour;   to start a business

*: I was engaged in conversation upon a subject which the people love to start in discourse.

*: Sensual men agree in the pursuit of every pleasure they can start.

: ux|en|The rain started at 9:00.

*: But if he start, / It is the flesh of a corrupted heart.

*: I start as from some dreadful dream.

*: Keep your soul to the work when ready to start aside.

: ux|en|to start a bone;   the storm started the bolts in the vessel

*: One, by a fall in wrestling, started the end of the clavicle from the sternum.

*: I started from my sleep with horror...

: ux|en|The hounds started a fox.

*: Upon malicious bravery dost thou come / To start my quiet?

*: we could, with the greatest ease as well as clearness, see all objects (ourselves unseen) only by applying our eyes close to the crevice, where the moulding of a panel had warped or started a little on the other side.

: ux|en|to start a water cask

: ux|en|Have you started yet?

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