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: ux|en|The seabirds put on an astonishing aerial display.

*: A soul [...] was first conceived to be an aerial, or an igneous substance, which animates the body during life, and makes its escape at death [...].

: ux|en|The aerial photographs clearly showed the damage caused by the storm.

*: the great Recompence in view, for which the most exalted Minds have with so much Alacrity, sacrifisd their Quiet, Health, sensual Pleasures, and every inch of themselves, has never been any thing else but the Breath of Man, the Aerial Coyn of Praise.

*: In their dancing, clubbers were flamboyant. They experimented with new dance steps and improvisations, including risky maneuvers and aerials in which women were flipped into the air.

*: Hemment is on record as being the first person to film aerials of wildlife – he filmed a flock of wild ducks early in 1911, possibly on Raineys Louisiana property.

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