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*: This indicates that the present levels of genetic diversity in P. microdon are not unusually low, although the amount of diversity to be expected in pristine populations of coastal species of elasmobranch remains elusive because all populations investigated to date have suffered some degree of decline (e.g. Sandoval-Castillo et al. 2004, Keeney et al. 2005, Hoelzel et al. 2006, Stow et al. 2006, Lewallen et al. 2007).----

: ux|en|an ancient city;  an ancient forest

: ux|en|an ancient author;  an ancient empire

*: Though [he] was the youngest brother, yet he was the most ancient in the business of the realm.

*: They mourned their ancient leader lost.

*: I got all things ready as he had directed, and waited the next morning with the boat washed clean, her ancient and pendants out, and everything to accommodate his guests..

*: Junius and Andronicus ... in Christianity ... were his ancients.

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