anzünden englanniksi   flare de, kindle de, torch de, set on fire de, inflame de, light de, ignite de


*: ...when the soldiers openly laughed at him, I knew he was in the bag. While he was putting on the snowplough, the Whites shot up a flare to see what was happening.

: ux|en|The flares steered the traffic away from the accident.

: ux|en|A spent flare had punctured the tire.

: ux|en|The flares attracted the heat-seeking missiles.

*: The flare on the inside of the shoe resists ankle pronation;

: ux|en|Thats a genuine early 70s flare on those pants.

: ux|en|The captain executed the flare perfectly, and we lightly touched down.

: ux|en|Jones hits a little flare to left that falls for a single.

: The blast furnace flared in the night.

: The candle flared in a sudden draught.

: The cat flared its nostrils while sniffing at the air.

: The cats nostrils flared when it sniffed at the air.

: The building flared from the third through the seventh floors to occupy the airspace over the entrance plaza.

: The sides of a bowl flare.

*: With ribbons pendant, flaring about her head.

*: flaring in sunshine all the day

: A kindle of kittens.

*: If a person kindle a fire in the house of another person, let him pay for the house to the owner, if it be burned.

*: And then it was that I first perceived the danger in which I stood; for there was no hope of kindling a light, and I doubted now whether even in the light I could ever have done much to dislodge the great slab of slate.

: ux|en|He kindled an enthusiasm for the project in his fellow workers.

*: The poor beast had but lately kindled.

: The mob of angry villagers carried torches and pitchforks to the vampire?s castle.

*: Eleven days before the start of the Games, a flaming torch is ignited by the sun in Olympia at the ruins of the ancient Temple of Zeus.

*: Coconut palms with white-painted trunks surround the lagoon, which is lit by flaming torches at night.

*: The degradation of the torch worldwide— it had to be snuffed out more than once to protect it from protesters—even provoked angry Chinese students to mobilise “150 strong and energetic runners” to defend it in Australia, raising the spectre of violence.

: Ernst slipped and dropped his torch on the flagstones, shattering the bulb and plunging us into darkness.

*: There are no streetlights — so you?ll need to bring a torch with you, or buy one from Joy?s Shop, if you want to venture out at night.

*: Its a good idea to bring a torch (flashlight) and maybe binoculars for wildlife spotting.

*: Use your pocket torch and shine the light from the side to gauge the reaction to light on both sides.

: Some hoodlums had torched a derelict automobile, which emitted a ghastly pall of thick, black smoke that filled the street.

: You set my heart on fire.

*: We should have made retreat / By light of the inflamed fleet.

: to inflame desire

*: more, it seems, inflamed with lust than rage

*: But, O inflame and fire our hearts.

*: It will inflame you; it will make you mad.

: to inflame the eyes by overwork

*: A friend exaggerates a mans virtues, an enemy inflames his crimes.

*: As you say, we passengers are to be taxed to pay all these fineries. I have often seen a good sideboard, or a marble chimney-piece, though not actually put in the bill, inflame a reckoning confoundedly.

: ux|en|As you can see, this spacious dining-room gets a lot of light in the mornings.

: ux|en|Put that light out!

: ux|en|Can you throw any light on this problem?

*: He shall never know / That I had any light of this from thee.

*: Now these notions are twofold, actions or habits […], which are durable lights and notions, which we may use when we will.

: ux|en|Picasso was one of the leading lights of the cubist movement.

*: Joan of Arc, a light of ancient France

: ux|en|Im really seeing you in a different light today.

: ux|en|Magoons governorship in Cuba was viewed in a negative light by many Cuban historians for years thereafter.

*: Frequent consideration of a thing ... shows it in its several lights and various ways of appearance.

: ux|en|Hey, buddy, you got a light?

: a Bengal light

: ux|en|This facade has eight south-facing lights.

: ux|en|The average length of a light on a 15×15 grid is 7 or 8.

*: The duke yet would have dark deeds darkly answered; he would never bring them to light.

*: My strength faileth me; as for the light of my eyes, it also is gone from me.

*: He seemed to find his way without his eyes; / For out odoor he went without their helps, / And, to the last, bended their light on me.

: ux|en|To get to our house, turn right at the third light.

: We lit the fire to get some heat.

: She lit her last match.

*: if a thousand candles be all lighted from one

*: Absence might cure it, or a second mistress / Light up another flame, and put out this.

: I used my torch to light the way home through the woods in the night.

*: One hundred years ago, to have lit this theatre as brilliantly as it is now lighted would have cost, I suppose, fifty pounds.

*: The Sun has set, and Vesper, to supply / His absent beams, has lighted up the sky.

: This soggy match will not light.

*: His bishops lead him forth, and light him on.

: ux|en|The room is light when the Sun shines through the window.

: ux|en|She had light skin.

: ux|en|I like my coffee light.

: My bag was much lighter once I had dropped off the books.

*: These weights did not exert their natural gravity ... insomuch that I could not guess which was light or heavy whilst I held them in my hand.

: We took a light aircraft down to the city.

: This artist clearly had a light, flowing touch.

: light duties around the house

*: Light sufferings give us leisure to complain.

: This light beer still gets you drunk if you have enough of it.

: I made some light comment, and we moved on.

*: Long after lay he musing at her mood, / Much grieud to thinke that gentle Dame so light, / For whose defence he was to shed his blood.

*: So do not you; for you are a light girl.

*: A light wife doth make a heavy husband.

: light troops; a troop of light horse

*: Unmarried men are best friends, best masters ... but not always best subjects, for they are light to run away.

: a light, vain person; a light mind

*: There is no greater argument of a light and inconsiderate person than profanely to scoff at religion.

*: Seneca can not be too heavy, nor Plautus too light.

*: specimens of New England humour laboriously light and lamentably mirthful

*: Are his wits safe? Is he not light of brain?

: light coin

: light sleep, light anesthesia

: I prefer to travel light.

*: His mailèd habergeon she did undight, / And from his head his heavy burgonet did light.

: I lit upon a rare book in a second-hand booksellers.

: She fell out of the window but luckily lit on her feet.

*: Some kinds of ducks in lighting strike the water with their tails first, and skitter along the surface for a few feet before settling down.

: to ignite iron or platinum

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