apu englanniksi   help fi, subsidy fi, hand fi, aid fi, cooperation fi, auxiliary fi, assistance fi


: I need some help with my homework.

: He was a great help to me when I was moving house.

: Ive printed out a list of math helps.

: I cant find anything in the help about rotating an image.

: The help is coming round this morning to clean.

: Most of the hired help is seasonal, for the harvest.

: His suicide attempts were a cry for help.

: He really needs help in handling customer complaints.

: "Hes a real road-rager." / "Yup, he really needs help, maybe anger management."

: ux|en|He helped his grandfather cook breakfast.

: ux|en|The white paint on the walls helps make the room look brighter.

: ux|en|If you want to get a job, it helps to have some prior experience.

: ux|en|She was struggling with the groceries, so I offered to help.

: ux|en|Please, help!

: ux|en|We couldn’t help noticing that you were late.

: ux|en|We couldn’t help but notice that you were late.

: ux|en|She’s trying not to smile, but she can’t help herself.

: ux|en|Can I help it if Im so beautiful?

: ux|en|Can I help it that I fell in love with you?

: ux|en|Are they going to beat us? Not if I can help it!

: ux|en|Manufacturing firms are supported by government subsidies in some countries.

: ux|en|Her hands are really strong.

*: Using her hands like windshield wipers, she tried to flick snow away from her mouth. When she clawed at her chest and neck, the crumbs maddeningly slid back onto her face. She grew claustrophobic.

*: Boxer was an enormous beast, nearly eighteen hands high, and as strong as any two ordinary horses put together.

*: On this hand and that hand, were hangings.

*: I maintain, however, on the one hand, that there are few occasions upon which large bodies of men, such as politics is concerned with, can rise above selfishness, while, on the other hand, there are a very great many circumstances in which populations will fall below selfishness, if selfishness is interpreted as enlightened self-interest.

*: The Bat—they called him the Bat.nb.... Hed never been in stir, the bulls had never mugged him, he didnt run with a mob, he played a lone hand, and fenced his stuff so that even the fence couldnt swear he knew his face.

: ux|en|an old hand at speaking;  large farms need many farm hands

: ux|en|Bob gave Alice a hand to move the furniture.

: ux|en|a good hand

: ux|en|Given under my Hand and Seal of the State this 1st Day of January, 2010.

: ux|en|in safe hands;  in good hands;  nowrap|He lost his job when the factory changed hands.nowrap|With the business back in the founders hands, there is new hope for the company.nowrap|With John in charge of the project, its in good hands.

*: Forasmuch as many have taken in hand to set forth in order a declaration of those things which are most surely believed among usnb...

: ux|en|Give him a hand.

*: Also a big hand for Silver Linings Playbook, an exuberant modern screwball comedy we had, in an unseemly fit of cynicism, deemed "too entertaining" for Academy voters.

: ux|en|This fabric has a smooth, soft hand.

*: Gideon said unto God, If thou wilt save Israel by my hand.

: ux|en|to buy at first hand (from the producer, or when new);  nowrap|to buy at second hand (when no longer in the producer’s hand, or when not new);nowrap|Its not a rumor. I heard it at first hand.

: ux|en|He handed them the letter.   She handed responsibility over to her deputy.

: ux|en|to hand a lady into a carriage

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

: rfquotek|Totten

: ux|en|He came to my aid when I was foundering.

*: An unconstitutional mode of obtaining aid.

*: “[…] it is not fair of you to bring against mankind double weapons ! Dangerous enough you are as woman alone, without bringing to your aid those gifts of mind suited to problems which men have been accustomed to arrogate to themselves.”

*: It is not good that man should be alone; let us make unto him an aid like unto himself.

: ux|en|Slimming aids include dietary supplements and appetite suppressants.

: ux|en|The incompetent generals brilliant aid often made priceless suggestions.

*: You speedy helpers ... Appear and aid me in this enterprise.

: auxiliary troops

*: The three traditionally recognized Non-modal Auxiliaries are the per-
fective Auxiliary have, the progressive Auxiliary be, and the passive Auxiliary
be. Perfective have is so-called because it marks the completion (hence, perfec-
tion) of an action; it is followed by a VP headed by a perfective -n participle, as
(121)    The referee has [VP shown him the red card]

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