arviointi englanniksi   assessment fi, evaluation fi, revise fi, judgment fi, criticism fi


: This statute should be revised.

*: There has been a demand for a revised edition of my English Translation and Commentary of the Holy Qur?an since the end of the Second World War.

*: The chapter that deals specifically with singular examples is Daniel Pipes? revised study of the Third World peoples of Soviet Central Asia.

*: The best writers know better. They write a first draft not to show readers, but to discover what case they can make for their point and whether it stands up to their own scrutiny. Then they revise and revise until they think their readers will think so too.

: I should be revising for my exam in a few days.

*: In revising your notes, you can also reorganize them so that they are more legible, better arranged, and in a more useful condition for subsequent reviews.

*: 4 Is it necessary to revise vocabulary (= study it again for a second or third time)?

*: 5 Is it better to revise vocabulary occasionally for long periods of time, or is it better to revise regularly for short periods of time?

*: The question is, not whether the revises of the Catalogue, which I was obliged to circulate prematurely, were faultless, but whether the alterations which I was desired to make would not render them worse.

*: Looking back at the revises of Bullhampton it seems to me that the printers have fallen into some error as to the numbering of Chapters XXXIV—XXXV—XXXVI—which should have been XXXV—XXXVI— and XXXVII.

*: I still held the revises; kept them until the type was made up and went to the press, for final page proof.

*: ...until I had corrected the proofs of the novel and seen the revises, so that the text was irrevocably fixed, before beginning the screenplay.

*: He shall judge thy people with righteousness and thy poor with judgment.

*: Hermia. I would my father lookd but with my eyes. Theseus. Rather your eyes must with his judgment look.

*: She in my judgment was as fair as you.

*: In judgments between rich and poor, consider not what the poor man needs, but what is his own.

*: Most heartily I do beseech the court To give the judgment.

: The politician received a lot of public criticism for his controversial stance on the issue.

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