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: ux|en|Many Hollywood stars attended the launch party.

: ux|en|His teacher tells us he is a star pupil.

*: Star reporter, leg-man, cub, veteran gray in the trade—one and all they tried to pin the Bat like a caught butterfly to the front page of their respective journals—soon or late each gave up, beaten. He was news—nb...—the brief, staccato recital of his career in the morgues of the great dailies grew longer and more incredible each day.

: ux|en|Whats in the stars for you today? Find out in our horoscope.

*: O malignant and ill-brooding stars.

*: Blesses his stars, and thinks it luxury.

*: On whom ... / Lavish Honour showered all her stars.

*: A sable curtain starred with gold.

: played host to a huge gathering of international luminaries -- Edmund Stevens

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