avata englanniksi   unfurl, open, decode, crack, untie, undo, unwind, unbuckle, unlock


: They unfurled the flag at the start of the festival.

: When will we be unfurling the new feature?

*: The open road, the dusty highway...

: ux|en|Turn left after the second open door.

: ux|en|It was as if his body had gone to sleep standing up and with his eyes open.

: an open hand; an open flower; an open prospect

*: Each, with open arms, embraced her chosen knight.

: ux|en|Banks are not open on bank holidays.

: ux|en|I am open to new ideas.

*: If Demetrius ... have a matter against any man, the law is open and there are deputies.

*: The service that I truly did his life, / Hath left me open to all injuries.

: ux|en|He published an open letter to the governor on a full page of the New York Times.

*: His thefts are too open.

*: That I may find him, and with secret gaze / Or open admiration him behold.

: ux|en|The man is an open book.

*: with aspect open, shall erect his head

*: The Moor is of a free and open nature.

*: The French are always open, familiar, and talkative.

: ux|en|I couldnt save my changes because another user had the same file open.

: ux|en|Ive got open orders for as many containers of red durum as you can get me.

: an open question

: to keep an offer or opportunity open

: an open winter

: rfquotek|Francis Bacon

: ux|en|Turn the doorknob to open the door.

: ux|en|He opened a path through the undergrowth.

: ux|en|I dont want to open that subject.

: ux|en|I will open the shop an hour early tomorrow.

: ux|en|Vermont will open elk hunting season next week.

: ux|en|The door opened all by itself.

: ux|en|The shop opens at 9:00.

: to open a discussion; to open fire upon an enemy; to open trade, or correspondence; to open a case in court, or a meeting

: ux|en|After the first two players fold, Julie opens for $5.

: ux|en|Jeff opens his hand revealing a straight flush.

: to open a closed fist

: to open matted cotton by separating the fibres

*: The king opened himself to some of his council, that he was sorry for the earls death.

*: Unto thee have I opened my cause.

: The electrician found the open in the circuit after a few minutes of testing.

: I cant believe you left the lawnmower out in the open when you knew it was going to rain this afternoon!

: Wary of hunters, the fleeing deer kept well out of the open, dodging instead from thicket to thicket.

: We have got to bring this companys corrupt business practices into the open.

*: If and when the remaining Allied intercepts and decodes are opened up, we may expect to learn a great deal more about the later stages of the Holocaust.

*: The British picked up a decode in November 1942 indicating that guards at Auschwitz would need six hundred gas masks.

*: Decodes stating that Hollandia airfields were becoming overcrowded with IJA aircraft waiting to stage forward to Wewak led to pre-emptive strikes by Allied air forces and the destruction of more than 300 Japanese aircraft on the ground.

*: He was sure that references to AK in the intercepts stood for Midway, but none of the decodes made the identification certain.

*: This version includes more than 400 decodes that cover everything from legacy decodes to popular decodes and new or updated decodes for such protocols as voice over IP H.323, Server Message Block, Border Gateway Protocol Version 4, and Internet Inter-ORB Protocol

: The [[cryptographer]] decoded the secret message and sent the result to the officer.

: I finally managed to decode the nearly [[illegible]] doctors prescription.

: Its been so dry, the ground is starting to crack.

: When I tried to stand on the chair, it cracked.

: Anyone would crack after being hounded like that.

: When we showed him the pictures of the murder scene, he cracked.

: The bat cracked with authority and the ball went for six.

: His voice cracked with emotion.

: His voice finally cracked when he was fourteen.

: "I would too, with a face like that," she cracked.

: The ball cracked the window.

: Youll need a hammer to crack a black walnut.

: She cracked him over the head with her handbag.

: Could you please crack the window?

: They managed to crack him on the third day.

: Ive finally cracked it, and of course the answer is obvious in hindsight.

: It took a minute to crack the lock, three minutes to crack the security system, and about twenty minutes to crack the safe.

: They finally cracked the code.

: to crack a whip

*: Hershell cracked his knuckles, a nervous habit that drove Inez crazy...

: The performance was fine until he cracked that dead baby joke.

: Acetone is cracked to ketene and methane at 700°C.

: That software licence will expire tomorrow unless we can crack it.

: Id love to crack open a beer.

*: Cardan cracks that he can cure all diseases with water alone, as Hippocrates of old did most infirmities with one medicine.

*: Ethoipes of their sweet complexion crack.

*: The credit...of exchequers cracks, when little comes in and much goes out.

: A large crack had formed in the roadway.

: We managed to [[squeeze]] through a crack in the rock wall.

: Open the door a crack.

: I didnt appreciate that crack about my hairstyle.

*: I wouldnt use it, if I was going to use it I can afford real cocaine. Crack is wack.

: The crack of the falling branch could be heard for miles.

: The crack of the bat hitting the ball.

: Id like to take a crack at that game.

: Im so horny even the crack of dawn isnt safe!

: Pull up your pants! Your crack is showing.

*: Being a native of Northumberland, she was enjoying their banter and Geordie good humour. This was what she needed — good company and good crack.

*: "his a bit o good crack — interesting to talk to"

*: By the time weve got a good drunk on us therell be more crack in this valley than the night I pissed on the electric fence!

: The crack was good.

: That was good crack.

: He/she is quare good crack.

: The party was great crack.

: Whats the crack?

: Has anyone got a crack for DocumentWriter 3.0?

*: Though now our voices / Have got the mannish crack.

: He has a crack.

*: I ... can not get the Parliament to listen to me, who look upon me as a crack and a projector.

*: crack and brags

*: vainglorious cracks

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

*: - Tis a noble child.
- A crack, madam.

: Ill be with you in a crack.

: Even a crack team of investigators would have trouble solving this case.

: Shes a crack shot with that rifle.

: to untie a knot

*: Sacharissas captive fain / Would untie his iron chain.

*: Though you untie the winds, and let them fight / Against the churches.

*: All the evils of an untied tongue we put upon the accounts of drunkenness.

*: They quicken sloth, perplexities untie.

: Fortunately, we can undo most of the damage to the system by the war.

: Could you undo my buckle for me?

*: Woe is me, for I am undone!

: Could you unwind about a foot of ribbon so I can finish the package?

*: ... but being not so skilful as in every point to [[unwind]] themselves where the snares of glossing speech do lie to entangle them, ...

: After work, I like to unwind by smoking a pipe while reading the paper.

: ux|en|I unlocked the door and walked in.

: ux|en|I unlocked the dictionary article so it could be edited.

: ux|en|This computer game is shareware, but you can pay for a code to unlock the full version.

: ux|en|The discovery of a clue unlocked the mystery.

: ux|en|The safe was already unlocked.

*: He had come straight up without mishap or swerving off his course, and his shut teeth unlocked.

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