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*: His forefathers had been, as a rule, professional men—physicians and lawyers; his grandfather died under the walls of Chapultepec Castle while twisting a tourniquet for a cursing dragoon; an uncle remained indefinitely at Malvern Hill;nb....

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*: I neuer did incense his Maiestie / Against the Duke of Clarence, but haue bin / An earnest aduocate to plead for him.

*: He became a tireless advocate for the needs of adults with IMD throughout Britain and internationally.

: Since she started working with her advocate, she has become much more confident.

*: ux|en|To advocate the cause of thy client.

*: ux|en|This is the only thing distinct and sensible, that has been advocated.

: ux|en|I like trees, but I do not advocate living in them.

: ux|en|We have been advocating for changes in immigration law.

*: Proponents of the race — notably Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Mary Wittenberg, director of the marathon — said the event would provide a needed morale boost, as well as an economic one.

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