avokätinen englanniksi   lavish fi, munificent fi, liberal fi


: ux|en|lavish of money;   lavish of praise

*: Mind you, clothes were clothes in those days. There was a great deal of them, lavish both in material and in workmanship.

*: Let her haue needfull, but not lauish meanes

*: Tellsons Bank . . . was a munificent house, and extended great liberality to old customers who had fallen from their high estate.

*: [M]ilk producers are among the most munificent backers of political campaigns in the U.S.

*: An exceptionally munificent benefactor of several institutions, he has given $100 million each to MIT and Harvard.

*: On the hill, where kites used to be flown, stood the fine college which Mr Laurences munificent legacy had built.

*: It was all very well for this casual youth to make her a present of a half million acres of land in this debonair way, but she could not persuade herself to accept so munificent a gift.

*: The machinists finally agreed to a munificent increase averaging 5.7% a year for three years.

*: Americans remain enamored with Europes ability to produce the consequential thought for America. It was the same in nearly every liberal field. Education sought its roots in such Europeans as Froebel, Frobenius, and Rousseau. Political science tried to connect to Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Nietzsche, Machiavelli, and Otto von Bismarck, for instance. Economics copied the thought of Adam Smith, ...

: ux|en|He had a full education studying the liberal arts.

*: When he shows improvement she is liberal with her praise and then moves on to the next set of skills to be learnt.

*: Queen Isabella was already being called Santa Isabella by many of her subjects because she was liberal with her alms.

*: Was it because the believers were so liberal with their possessions that God was so liberal with his grace?

: ux|en|He was liberal with his compliments.

*: For this reason a liberal amount of piping should be used. If a liberal supply of piping is provided at first, the first cost will of course be greater, but the extra expenditure is called for but once.

*: The result was usually that such helpers got a liberal sprinkling of mud over their clothing.

*: Rose put a steaming cup of mint tea in front of me and spooned a liberal helping of honey into it.

: ux|en|Add a liberal sprinkling of salt.

*: Myself, my brother, and this grieved count,

*: Did see her, hear her, at that hour last night,

*: Talk with a ruffian at her chamber-window;

*: Who hath indeed, most like a liberal villain,

*: Confessd the vile encounters they have had

*: A thousand times in secret.

: ux|en|Her parents had liberal ideas about child-rearing.

: Younger people tend to be more liberal than older people.

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