barbaari englanniksi   barbarian fi, Turk fi


: rfquotek|M. Arnold

*: Thou fell barbarian.

*: Compare but our manners unto a Turke transterm|mahometan|Mahometan|lang=frm, or a Pagan, and we must needs yeeld unto themnb....

*: It is no good reason for a mans religion that he was born and brought up in it; for then a Turk would have as much reason to be a Turk as a Christian to be a Christian.

*: Was neuer any Impe so wicked and barbarous, any Turke so vyle and brutishe.

*: A sort of primitive barbarity distinguishes the whole; no variety of character appears; and to call a man Turk is to say, that he is jealous, haughty, covetous, ignorant, and lascivious; at the same time that a certain dignity of gait, and magnificence of manners, gives him the appearance of generosity and true greatness of soul.

*: A bad temper does seem often favourable to health. The man who has been a Turk all his life lives long to plague all about him.

*: As much as the wilfully or naturally blunted, the intelligently honest have to learn by touch: only, their understandings cannot meanwhile be so wholly obtuse as our societys matron, acting to please the tastes of the civilized man—a creature that is not clean-washed of the Turk in him—barbarously exacts.

*: They regarded the very word Turk as synonymous with ignorance, impoliteness, and idiocy. To call a man Turk was regarded as a great dishonour to him.

*: The clannishness of homosexuals has led to the development of special slang expressions among them: Temperamental or queer, a homosexual person. Turk, wolf, or jocker, an active sodomist.

*: ...turd-packer, hitchhiker on the Hershey highway (fr. the US Hershey chocolate bars), shirt-lifter (Australian), wind-jammer, fart-catcher, dirt tamper, pillow-biter and Turk (fr. the alleged national propensity for sodomy).

*: One of the many underworld synonyms for an active pederast is turk.

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