barbarisch englanniksi   barbaric de, barbarian de, savage de, truculent de


: Eating baby seals alive is barbaric.

: rfquotek|M. Arnold

*: Thou fell barbarian.

: a savage wilderness

*: savage berries of the wood

: savage manners

*: I observed a place where there had been a fire made, and a circle dug in the earth, like a cockpit, where I supposed the savage wretches had sat down to their human feastings upon the bodies of their fellow-creatures.

*: What nation, since the commencement of the Christian era, ever rose from savage to civilized without Christianity?

: savage beasts

: a savage spirit

: He gave the dog a savage kick.

: The woman was killed in a savage manner.

: - Ill see you in detention.
- Ah, savage!

*: Well, my lord, I dont know, said Freeman with a sort of jolly sneer; we have been dining with the savages.
They are not savages, Freeman.
Well, my lord, they have not much more clothes, anyhow; and as for knives and forks, there is not such a thing known.

: ux|en|His latest film was savaged by most reviewers.

*: Its bloodhounds, savaged by a cross of wolf.

: When we were touring on a riverboat near Dandong, the truculent North Korean soldiers from the other side of the river gave us a steely-eyed death stare.

*: It is an important source of the value of moral rights then that?—?speaking very generally?—?they dispose people with opposed interests to be reasonable rather than arrogant and truculent.

*: (Refering to women in Bin Ladens compound) "These bitches is getting truculent".

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