begränsa englanniksi   circumscribe sv, limit sv, confine sv, throttle sv, constrain sv, restrict sv


: There are several existing limits to executive power.

: Two drinks is my limit tonight.

*: It is the conductor which communicates to the inhabitants of regions beyond its limit, ...

*: Ever he would wander, selfcompelled, to the extreme limit of his cometary orbit, beyond the fixed stars and variable suns and telescopic planets, astronomical waifs and strays, to the extreme boundary of space, ...

*: At the time, there seemed to be no limit to the size of ever-larger private equity deals, with banks falling over each other to arrange financing on generous terms and to invest money from their own private equity arms.

: The sequence of reciprocals has zero as its limit.

: Category theory defines a very general concept of limit.

: the limit of a walk, of a town, or of a country

*: As eager of the chase, the maid / Beyond the forests verdant limits strayed.

*: The archdeacon hath divided it / Into three limits very equally.

*: the dateless limit of thy dear exile

*: The limit of your lives is out.

*: I prithee, give no limits to my tongue.

: ux|en|We need to limit the power of the executive.

: ux|en|Im limiting myself to two drinks tonight.

*: [The Chinese government] has jailed environmental activists and is planning to limit the power of judicial oversight by handing a state-approved body a monopoly over bringing environmental lawsuits.

: ux|en|The sequence limits on the point a.

: ux|en|a limiting friar

*: Now let not natures hand / Keep the wild flood confined! let order die!

*: He is to confine himself to the compass of numbers and the slavery of rhyme.

*: Where your gloomy bounds / Confine with heaven

*: Betwixt heaven and earth and skies there stands a place / Confining on all three.

: rfquotek|Sir Walter Scott

*: Grant him this, and the Parliament hath no more freedom than if it sat in his noose, which, when he pleases to draw together with one twitch of his negative, shall throttle a whole nation, to the wish of Caligula, in one neck.

*: Throttle their practised accent in their fears.

: If we restrict sine to [-\frac\pi2,\frac\pi2], we can define its inverse.

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