beruhigen englanniksi   calm down de, compose de, allay de, soothe de, mollify de


: Calm down before you hurt somebody.

: The editor composed a historical journal from many individual letters.

: Try to compose your thoughts.

*: Zeal ought to be composed of the highest degrees of all pious affection.

: A church is composed of its members.

*: A few useful things ... compose their intellectual possessions.

: The orator composed his speech over the week prior.

: Nine numbered symphonies, including the Fifth, were composed by Beethoven.

: Its difficult to compose without absolute silence.

*: Let me compose / Something in verse as well as prose.

*: the genius that composed such works as the "Standard" and "Last Supper"

: The defendant couldnt compose herself and was found in contempt.

*: Compose thy mind; / Nor frauds are here contrived, nor force designed.

*: By trying his best to compose matters with the mullahs, he had sincerely shown that he did not seek a violent collision ...

*: In a peaceful grave my corpse compose.

*: How in safety best we may / Compose our present evils.

: to allay popular excitement

: to allay the tumult of the passions

: to allay the severity of affliction or the bitterness of adversity

*: And the wynde alayed, and there folowed a greate calme: and he sayde unto them: why are ye fearfull?

*: When the rage allays.

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*: The wind ceased, and there was a great calm.

: to calm a crying baby

: to calm the passions

*: to calm the tempest raised by Aeolus

*: Yet Wayne Rooney scored at a good time, three minutes after the restart, to soothe any gathering nerves and the night can ultimately be chalked off as one of the finest occasions of Hodgsons 17 months in the job.

*: All that charity can do where injustice exists is here and there to somewhat mollify the effects of injustice.

*: The draft Charter School Handbook issued in November 1994 sought to mollify concerns over teacher quality, if not ATA membership, by requiring teacher certification.

*: Although this invitation was accompanied with a curtsey that might have softened the heart of a church-warden, it by no means mollified the beadle.

*: The angry goat was quite mollified by the respectful tone in which he was addressed.

*: But these answers did not mollify Grassley. Specifically, he objected to Abedin’s becoming an S.G.E., because he believed she provided no irreplaceable expertise and therefore her designation as one had violated Congress’s intent when it created the program, in 1962.

*: "Nor is it any more difficulty for him to mollifie what is hard, then it is to harden what is so soft and fluid as the Aire."

*: By thy kindness thou wilt melt and mollify his spirit towards thee, as hardest metals are melted by coals of fire …

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