bezweifeln englanniksi   question de, doubt de


: ux|en|What is your question?

: ux|en|The question of seniority will be discussed at the meeting.

: ux|en|There was a question of which material to use.

: ux|en|His claim to the property has come under question.

: The story is true beyond question.

: He obeyed without question.

*: There arose a question between some of Johns disciples and the Jews about purifying.

*: It is to be to question, whether it be lawful for Christian princes to make an invasive war simply for the propagation of the faith.

: ux|en|I move that the question be put to a vote.

*: The Scottish privy council had power to put state prisoners to the question.

: Made she no verbal question? Shakespeare King Lear ca. 1606

*: He that questioneth much shall learn much.

*: I pray you, think you question with the Jew.

: ux|en|There was some doubt as to who the childs real father was.

*: It was April 22, 1831, and a young man was walking down Whitehall in the direction of Parliament Street.nb.... He halted opposite the Privy Gardens, and, with his face turned skywards, listened until the sound of the Tower guns smote again on the ear and dispelled his doubts.

: He doubted that was really what you meant.

*: Even in matters divine, concerning some things, we may lawfully doubt...

*: To try your love and make you doubt of mine.

*: He fled, like Joseph, leaving it; but there, / I doubt, all likeness ends between the pair.

*: Edmond [was a] good man and doubted God.

*: I doubt some foul play.

*: I of doubted danger had no fear.

*: The virtues of the valiant Caratach / More doubt me than all Britain.

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