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*: The size of the ground hole crater from the blast indicates it was a bomb.

: ux|en|During the Cold War, everyone worried about the bomb sometimes.

*: Projection problems plagued Countess? London premiere on January 5, 1967, Jerry Epstein recalled, and it was perhaps an omen, for reaction by critics afterward was swift and immediate: The film was a bomb.

*: The movie was a bomb and so was my next film, Balboa, in which I played a scheming real estate tycoon.

*: The movie was a bomb, but it put the band before an even larger audience.

*: Nowadays, an old bomb simply won’t pass the inspection.

*: We?ve got the money and it just feels ridiculous to let you drive around in that old bomb.

*: After two weeks of driving it she knew the car was a bomb and she did not need anyone saying it to her. The only one allowed to pick on her car was her. Piece of crap car...

: ux|en|make a bomb;  cost a bomb

*: When Kiley presented Blackpool with the custom shotgun, he said, “This must?ve cost a bomb.”

*: ‘You?ve already spent a bomb!’

*: ‘Not on it, Sal — under it. Presents!’ As we eventually staggered up to bed, Sally said to me, ‘I hope to God he?s not been spending a bomb on presents, too....

*: The kids cost a bomb to feed, they eat all the time.

*: He had recently exchanged his old bike for a new, three speed racer, which cost a bomb and the weekly payment were becoming difficult, with the dangers of repossession.

: ux|en|Our fabulous new crumpets have been selling like a bomb.

: ux|en|It was an ordinary speech, until the president dropped a bomb: he would be retiring for medical reasons.

: ux|en|Normally very controlled, he dropped the F-bomb and cursed the paparazzi.

*: The process consisted in preparing the metal by metallothermic reduction of titanium tetrachloride with sodium metal in a steel bomb.

*: A pillar of iron...which if you had struck, would make...a great bomb in the chamber beneath.

*: 15 May: US jets bombed air-defence sites north of Mosul, as the Russian Foreign Ministry accused the US and Britain of intentionally bombing civilian targets. (AP)

*: Italy had bombed cities in the Ethiopian war; Italy and Germany had bombed civilians in the Spanish Civil War; at the start of World War II German planes dropped bombs on Rotterdam in Holland, Coventry in England, and elsewhere.

*: Essendon was bombed in the early hours of 3 September 1916; a few houses and part of the church were destroyed, and two sisters killed.

*: So Hall quit the job, turned in the company car and went to Chicago, where as a stand-up comic he bombed several times before he was discovered by Nancy Wilson, who took him on the road — where he bombed again before a room of Republicans—and then to Los Angeles.

*: Carmen:... Then it bombed and it bombed badly. After a few more issues I asked Mike what was happening and he said, “I?m trying everything I can but it?s just not working.” So I took him off the book and he left. That was it.

*: She was the reason why he bombed the interview. He just couldn?t seem to get her out of his mind.

: rfquotek|Ben Jonson

*: It is often used to collect other writers tags, and future plans for bombing and piecing.

: Have you tried the new tacos from that restaurant? Theyre pretty bomb!

: In some mollusks, as the cuttlefish, the shell is concealed by the animals outer mantle and is considered internal.

: Genuine mother of pearl buttons are made from sea shells.

: The black walnut and the hickory nut, both of the same Genus as the [[pecan]], have much thicker and harder shells than the pecan.

: rfquotek|Knight

: The first lyre may have been made by drawing [[string]]s over the underside of a tortoise shell.

*: when Jubal struck the chorded shell

: The name shell originates from it being viewed as an outer layer of interface between the user and the internals of the operating system.

: The name "Bash" is an acronym which stands for "Bourne-again shell", itself a pun on the name of the "Bourne shell", an earlier Unix shell designed by Stephen Bourne, and the Christian concept of being "born again".

: Hes lost so much weight from illness; hes a shell of his former self.

: Even after months of therapy hes still in his shell.

: A shell corporation was formed to acquire the old factory.

: Nuts shell in falling.

: Wheat or rye shells in reaping.

*: Automenu is a good program to try, and offers a fair amount of protection - but, unfortunately, its one of those systems that allow users to shell to DOS.

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