boshaft englanniksi   nasty de, catty de, malicious de, spiteful de, vicious de


*: I really dont have any friends at school Mama Mia. They talk about me all the time. They say my hairs nappy and my clothes are nasty.

*: Jonathan kept staring at him, till I was afraid he would notice. I feared he might take it ill, he looked so fierce and nasty.

*: ‘Its a nasty trade,’ said Mr. Limbkins, when Gamfield had again stated his wish.

*: He said to Mr. Tallboy he thought the headline was a bit hot. And Mr. Tallboy said he had a nasty mind.

*: We want threesomes, blowjobs, and orgies. Thats just the way it is. We want the good girl whos nasty in bed.

*: She had said: "I love the block button on Twitter. I dont know how people expect to send a nasty comment and not get blocked."

*: There was a nasty period during the First World War when the familys allegiance was called into question - not least because one of the Schroders had been made a baron by the Kaiser.

*: Moving into the middle ages, William the Conqueror managed to rout the English and rule the country, then see off numerous plots and assassination attempts, before his horse did for him in a nasty fall, killing him at 60.

: Processed foods are full of aspartame and other nasties.

: This video game involves flying through a maze zapping various nasties.

: a catty smell

*: To limit team members consumption, it issued food stamps to the villagers and allowed everyone to eat one catty of rice a day.

*: 16 Mess, make a Tale, which here is 20 s. English, 5 Tale make a Bancal, a weight so called, and 20 Bancal make a Catty, another weight.

*: Transparent yellow pieces are the best; the price is from eight to fourteen dollars per catty, according to size and quality.

: He was sent off for a malicious tackle on Jones.

*: We may so seize on vertue, that if we embrace it with an over-greedy and violent desire, it may become vicious.

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