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: You should enter marriage for love.

*: By his marriage to his two wives, Tapuwae quietly strengthened all of the pas of the Wairoa district, as many of them came under his control through these unions.

*: One layman in Buddhas time decided to embrace celibacy and relinquished his marriage vows to his four wives. When he asked them what they wanted in terms of a settlement, one said, ...

*: The account of the loss of the blessing of his father Isaac appears immediately after Esaus marriage to his Hittite wives.

*: In an [[open marriage|open marriage]], the partners are free to have extramarital relationships or sex without betraying one another. Such a marriage is based on communication, trust, and respect, ...

*: "I have a patient right now whose marriage proved to be a tragedy. She wanted love, sexual gratification, children, and social prestige; but life blasted all her hopes. Her husband didnt love her. He refused even to eat with her, and forced her to serve his meals in his room upstairs. She had no children, no social standing. She went insane; and, in her imagination, she divorced her husband and resumed her maiden name. She now believes she has married into the English aristocracy, and she insists on being called Lady Smith.

: My grandparents marriage lasted for forty years.

: Pat and Leslies marriage to each other lasted forty years.

: You are cordially invited to the marriage of James Smith and Jane Doe.

*: And this marriage of poetry and history remained a solid relationship throughout the classical period.

*: Above all, we will no longer have to feel qualms about the marriage of art and money. We will no longer have to wonder if it is possible to separate the esthetic value of an art work from its commercial value.

*: But the food is real: a marriage of local ingredients and serious technique.

*: Accordingly the Prince, accepting her largesse, sought the King to whom he had pledged his parents (and they were still with him in all weal and welfare) and going in to him made his salam and kissed ground and told him the whole tale of the past and the conditions of death or marriage he had made with the Kings daughter and of his wedding her after overcoming her in contention.

: Her announcement was quite a surprise, coming a month after she published the words "I hate weddings with a passion and a fury I can only partially explain rationally."

*: Simple and brief was the wedding, as that of Ruth and of Boaz.

*: Rumor has it that there will be a wedding in our village ere the daisies are in bloom.

*: After the wedding there was singing and concertina-playing in the laundry till late evening.

: The wedding of our three companies took place last week.

*: That wedding of the fur companies is historic.

*: Significantly, Grand Metropolitan elaborates upon the wedding of tradition and consumer narcissim that is the distinctively British version of private-sector collective representations;....

*: The wedding of commercial with universal banking would result in more careful project evaluation and selection and a closer monitoring of existing loans.

*: The wedding of black brass bands and orchestras to jubilee concert companies was a consolidation that favored both promoters and musicians.

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