café englanniksi   café en, cafe en, coffee fr


*: The Turks have a drink called coffa (for they use no wine), so named of a berry as black as soot, and as bitternb..., which they sip still of, and sup as warm as they can suffernb....

*: "He was here," observed Drina composedly, "and father was angry with him." ¶ "What?" exclaimed Eileen. "When?" ¶ "This morning, before father went downtown." ¶ Both Selwyn and Lansing cut in coolly, dismissing the matter with a careless word or two; and coffee was served—cambric tea in Drinas case.

*: As I sip a coffee at Brasserie Balzar, two well-known intellectuals, one publisher and a Sorbonne professor were discussing Sarkozys future: "He wont finish his mandate" says one.

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: ux|en|He did not stay for coffee.

*: I rushed into my cabin, coffeed, wined, and went to bed sobbing.

*: It was exactly 11 a.m. We had been coffeeing for one hour, and our coffee cups were empty.

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